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Where Do I Sit?
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It's a mystery to me why some people always gravitate towards others in large empty spaces. Is it a natural phenomena or do we have some sort of herding instinct? Take a bus for example. I don't know how many times I've been upstairs alone when someone has got on, come upstairs and with all the seats on the bus to choose from, has come and sat down right behind me. It's the same in the cinema. It's as though you were starting a queue and they have to be a part of it

I'm not in the least bit anti-social but I do sometimes like my own space. Ok, I agree that we might be social animals but invading the personal space of someone sitting alone and minding their own business is perhaps taking sociability a bit too far.You can't even escape on four wheels. If you drive into a large, empty car park then there's a good chance that the next car to come in, with all those empty spaces to choose from, will come and park right alongside you.

Some some sort of law of attraction might be at work here. Or it could be a sign of some sort of deep-seated insecurity. We are unconsciously drawn together. We cannot live alone but have some sort of herd instinct. And eventually we end up not thinking for ourselves, taken over by a sort of group mind control. Maybe that's how being members of political parties or religious institutions comes so naturally to us. We feel as though we belong somewhere. We're part of something that really matters. A something we can live our lives by.

That's all well and good for many people. But what if you had to think for yourself? About what you really believed. As discomforting as it might be, the only way you will ever know what you believe is that you have to ask questions of yourself and others. Why do you believe this or why is this done? And expect a reply more informative than 'you don't need to know'. Otherwise you'll just carry on doing things in the same old way because that's the way they've always been done and you go through life without real awareness.

Maybe I'm reading too much into the seating preferences of some people but there's definitely something at work here. But because its so commonplace no one gives it a second thought. Except maybe interviewers. So be careful where you sit at your next job interview.

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