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Where Will You Find Yourself In A Crises? A Fema Camp?
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Where Will You Find Yourself In A Crises? A Fema Camp?

Welcome to the new year. It is sure to be year of reckoning for many folks.

Disasters are bigger and more frequent than ever before. The new reality show is, any disaster, big or small could be cause of you and your children going without food, possibly for weeks.

Without the necessities of life you will not survive. There is no time to prepare when the roof is gone or the house is floating down the river or the power line are down or huge non replaceable transformer has gone down.

Or, if there is threat of truckers strike or another Katrina forecast for your town. The reality is, the grocery shelves will be emptied within hours of the news. Will you have yours on hand or will you be fighting with hundreds of others for those last few scraps of anything to eat, if there are any left when you get there?

  • Can you survive a hurricane or snowstorm that has left the store shelves bare?
  • Just how long can you survive a prolonged blackout preventing stores from restocking?
  • Can you survive any situation which creates wholesale panic, shutting everything in your area?
  • Will you be forced to beg food from your neighbors to feed your children, if they have any at all?
  • Will you end up in a FEMA camp somewhere to survive?

Think about it:

  • Will you be like the millions every year who are forced to live in any kind of shelter they can construct themselves, and whose very survival depends upon relief aid for food and water?
  • Will you be forced to leave your like those in Katrina and be at the mercy of FEMA officials who are as ill prepared to help you as you are to help yourself right now?
  • Will you survive an earth quake or tornado that wipes out everything for miles around? Well, will you?

You see how well government does at helping people in times of disaster. Do you want to pin your hopes and dreams on Big Brother for survival or are you willing to step up the plate and do what any right thinking man or woman would and take responsibility for ensuring the survival of their family, if at all possible.?

There is a good chance you will be one of the stars of this years reality show. Will you have food stock on hand for your children well in advance of any pending disaster or will you be fighting for your children's very survival just like all of your neighbors?

But what kind of food will you store? If you do not know what to get in advance you will never have time to get it?

Chew this over for a few.

Who do you want for neighbors after or during a catastrophe? Those who are prepared or those who are hammering on your door for what you had enough forethought to put away? Who do you want helping to rebuild your town or city or nation?

Now is the time for you step up and set the example for your neighbors and family. Become an expert on what should be put away and why it is important so you can help others find their way. You have a big heart and will not turn a man away whose children are starving. Will you let your own children want because someone else did not have the forethought to provide for theirs?

Do you have the wherewithal to defend what is yours and if you do, will/would you use it?

There is so much to prepare for. So many different contingencies that can come calling. There are only two realities. Either you took action and prepared or you didn't. Either your children will eat or they won't.

However, food is only the beginning.

What will you do about water? You can only survive a few days without water.

Will you even have a flashlight to find your way around a totally dark house?

What about heat? If it is in the winter how long will you survive with no heat or clothing or shelter? If the unthinkable happens and the grid goes down indefinitely will you have alternative power online to take care of you and your children? Will you even have an emergency radio to help keep your spirits up?

How long will your food last? Are you one of those who must go shopping every week? How about every day? Or how about several times a day? When the store shelves are bare where are you going to go for food? Your neighbors? You will probably meet him on the street headed to your house to borrow from you.

Get started getting educated now. Is this your year to act or to be acted upon?

There is power in knowledge, if you act on it.

Street Talk

The what if questions are just the beginning. Great job challenging the thinking of others with regards to survival preparedness.

  about 9 years ago
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