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Who Might Harm Us
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Who Might Harm Us

I just heard on the radio that a huge amount of money has been added to the security budget for the Olympic Games despite there being no additionally identified risk or threat. It struck me that the old phrase 'money for nothing' is reasonably able to be summoned at this time. Why more money if no more risk?

There is clearly a reason why others think 'We' ought to do this; but what is it? What makes us willing to spend without reason? That actually might be the answer; reason, or lack of; depending on your stand point.

For those in the 'risk business' profit essentially rises from the mining of the risk-mine. That is; in order to make a living the risk-police have to deal with actual risk or perceived risk in order to earn their pennies. On this occasion however, they seem to be getting paid for dealing with no risk - not even perceived or identified potential risk. They are literally getting money for nothing.

It is to be hoped that unused money is to be returned if no unforseen risk emerges, however this remains to be divulged.

But what of this money for nothing transaction? Surely that infers a break-down in rational thought? Those who hold the purse-strings in this case would seem to have agreed to pay for no discernible reason. This suggests they did so for unreasonable considerations.

Now there is no evidence of corruption, however when it is reported that a budget has been increased for a highly public event, but the public are informed that there is no reason for the increase, that is cause for concern.

Imagine if you handed over money to someone who told you that there was no reason for it; they just wanted your money. Surely you would only fail to be concerned if you were irrational or had become so accustomed to giving money to them that not to give it to them would be seem irrational?

This rise in a security budget where no insecurity is present suggests we or our purse- holders have become uncomfortable with not giving to our security-businesses when they ask for money. But the stranger anomaly is that of being seemingly comfortable with giving money for nothing.

Is it possible our money has finally given way to a new phenomenon - automatic giving of what has been requested?

If that is so; then something very strange is happening. The next step is logically to give when not requested. Just give, give, give until we have no more to give. That is merely self-destruction in action. And we would do well to ask in future; What's it for?

If it's for nothing- giving it is counter-productive. It creates a risk where non existed - from within our own behaviour; not that of those unseen, unidentified 'risks' who might harm us.

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