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Why Become A Vegetarian?
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why become a vegetarian?

I have been a vegetarian for 35 years and want to talk about why I decided to become a vegetarian and why maybe you should, too.

What is a vegetarian?

Simply put, it is a person who does not eat meat or fish or any products that are derived from killing an animal.

So why become a vegetarian?

Here are three reasons you could consider:

1 It is a healthy alternative

It will mean there is far less cholesterol and the dangerous kinds of fats in your diet, plus you are more likely to be eating healthy things like vegetables, fruit, nuts, pulses, rice and pasta. So many diseases that ruin the lives of millions of people every year are much more common among meat eaters – High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, strokes, anaemia, appendicitis, constipation, gout, piles and varicose veins.

The drugs and growth hormones that are given in dangerously high quantities to farm animals are still present in the meat and by products that we eat, no one knows what the long term effects of these hormones and chemicals will be on the population unknowingly consuming them but they are unlikely to be good.

2 Environmental awareness 

More and more people are waking up to the global environmental concerns that are threatening our continued existence on this planet. As the population of the world continues to increase, the amount of arable land available for growing food is decreasing as we destroy the rainforests and natural habitats that have supported wildlife for thousands of years. We need to make the maximum possible use of this land – Growing vegetables, fruit, pulses and nuts and grains for human consumption instead of just for animal feeds makes sense economically as it would create thousands of jobs and environmentally as it would be infinitely more sustainable in the long term than the wasteful and pollutive practices being employed to grow meat products today.

3 Compassion

Many people become vegetarians when they become aware of how cruel and inhumane the treatment of animals bred for food really is, they can no longer stand to buy or eat the products that are produced this way because they are opposed to this outdated and sickening industry.

The lack of compassion or care for our fellow beings in our so- called civilized society is obvious. Profit and unrestrained “economic growth” is measured in cold hard cash terms, not in terms of how happy, content or safe our people feel in that society. We are coerced into a mentality of dog eat dog in order to be able to survive and provide for our families and to constantly compete instead of cooperate with each other.

People seem to be getting more and more selfish, aggressive and fearful as we are told there are fewer and fewer jobs available. Violence and destruction are inevitable results of this conditioning and one answer is to become more caring, more compassionate and be more involved in the movement towards positive change and changing our buying and eating habits can make a big difference to the kind of world we leave for our children. Children understand the reasons to become vegetarian straight away and are often happier because they have no problem with caring about the animals or for other people or the planet’s eco system. It is only us adults who have been conditioned not to care that ridicule the idea of becoming more compassionate.

why become a vegetarian?

Because it makes sense for your health, the planet, the global economy and the future of our civilization on this planet.  

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