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A Very Powerful Reason For You To Decide To Quit From Smoking
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A Very Powerful Reason For You to Decide to Quit From Smoking

Have you ever seen a quit smoking timeline? They show the advantageous health effects that your body will experience once you quit from smoking since the very first twenty minutes. This is a quitting smoking timeline from a very different point of view to help you realize about other desirable effects you could gain from quitting smoking apart from the well-known healthy effects. Hopefully this facts will help you to build a strong will to quit from smoking from now on.

Let’s suppose you are an average smoker who smokes a cigarette package a day, and that package costs an estimated value of one dollar each, for the sake of being conservative and maintaining simplicity.

Let’s say you stop from smoking since the very first day of this year, saving one dollar at day, and you decide to invest that money (which you would otherwise spend buying cigarettes) in some known investment scheme with compound interest. Then you save all the money in a bank account without touching it. When the investing period expires at the end of each month, interest is added to the existing quantity (called Principal) and you deposit the money you saved along that month, so both the money saved and the interests obtained increment the investment.

Remember that investing in an account with compound interest and adding regularly some quantity instead of withdrawing, is a VERY POWERFUL scheme. Have you ever wonder how much money would you do this way? Let’s make some calculations.

Let’s say you choose to invest your money at CD (Certificate of Deposit) at some Bank, with a CD Rate of 0.99% annually, compounded daily. Please consider that we are using the very low interest rates offered by banks at these days, so the results will seem much more appealing once they will hopefully raise up in the future. Then if you quit from smoking at the start of this year, by the end of January you invest your first 31 dollars. By applying the compound interest basic formula:

Compound interest formula: FV = PV(1 + i) power n, (You can see more details about this calculation). (FV stands for Final Value).

By February 29th, you would have:

FV = 31*(1.0078) = $ 31.245 Dollars

Not much yet, but then you add the 29 dollars you saved along February, this builds 31.25 + 29.00 = $60.25 to be invested along March. Then at March’s end you would have:

FV = 60.25*(1.0078) = 60.72 Dollars.

OK, this is just the beginning, so we could develop the rest of the year assuming that you add at the end of each month the quantity you saved:

By April’s end: you will have 92.45 Dollars

By May's end: $123.41

June: $155.63

July: $187.10

August:$ 219.82

September: $252.80

October: $285.03

November: $318.53

December: $351.28

January: $385.30 Dollars

By the end of January 2013 (remember we accumulate your investments one month later since the beginning) you could have $385.30 Dollars. It means 19.30 Dollars more than if you would have been saving your money without investing it in any way. At this moment, considering the very low interest rates existing at this moment, it would not have very appealing, but we can how this quantity grows each year:

By January’s end of 2014 (2 years saving and investing your money) you would have: 807.66 Dollars with a $77.66 revenue.

The next 3 years would give you these quantities:

January 2015: $1,271.83 with a $176.83 revenue.

January 2016:$1,781.95 with a $321.95 revenue.

January 2017: $2,361.08 with a $536.08 revenue.

This means that if you quit from smoking for five years and you invest the money you saved along this time, you would have $2,361.00 dollars, money that you would BURN out if you continue smoking. Can you imagine the things you could do with this money? There are some interesting suggestions to consider, one of them is to use the action-prize scheme, which means that you make the resolution of quitting from smoking and you give yourself a prize for accomplishing it, using the money you saved.

Please consider that you could have any useful thing you'll buy with that money added to the obvious health benefits you will gain for you, but the most important thing is that if you stop smoking now, you stop damaging your health and the people around you, and you’ll start to live a healthier life!

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