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Help Someone Quit Smoking
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Help Someone Quit Smoking

So you want to help someone quit smoking. I am here to tell you before you can help someone quit you have to help them to want to quit first.

If you are a smoker that has quit then you know that it isnt just a walk in the park. You know there is a lot of effort and hard work that is required in order to make sure when you quit that is really what happens.

You know that if you are going to help someone quit smoking you are going to have to be patient and caring. You will need to encourage but not be pushy.

Smoking is likely one of the hardest habits in the world to quit. Nicotine is proven to be one of the deadliest drugs known to mankind. Simply because so many people get mixed up in the stupid action of smoking. It seems most people after one cigarette are hooked.

I think it is great to want to help someone to quit smoking but what would be even better would be educating people into never starting. The cigarette industry is a billion dollar industry and they want people to smoke that first smoke.

However as a smoker there are a few things you need to understand and be okay with.

The first thing on your battle is you have to want to quit. If you really dont want to quit and are only trying because it is the right thing to do then you really are wasting your time. No one can make you quit if you dont want to quit.

Dont worry about gaining weight when you are trying to quit. Any doctor will tell you it is much easier to work on a weight issue as opposed to a lung cancer issue.

If you want to help someone quit smoking you can let them know it is okay to get help. There are all kinds of things on the market to help people with their attempt at quitting smoking.

You can head on over to your doctor and get prescriptions for certain pills that are on the market to help people quit smoking. Some of the other things that can be used are the patch,gums, lozenges, inhalers and even the electric cigarette.

At the end of the day people need to realize that smoking is not only killing them but also killing the people around them. We would frown upon someone sticking a loaded gun in their mouth and pulling the trigger but yet we allow people to kill themselves with cigarettes.

Hopefully you can be the one to help someone quit smoking. The fact of the matter is you need to understand that quitting smoking is a journey. So why not take your quit smoking journey.

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