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How Can I Stop Smoking?
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Every day many people ask, "How can I stop smoking?" Are you one of these frustrated people? Maybe you've even given up hope after trying many of the quit smoking products with no results. If you are one of these people, this article will  give you some very good advice on how you can become a successful nonsmoker. Quitting smoking involves more than just buying a random product and expecting results. There are many things which will determine your success or failure when you are trying to quit smoking. I know this because I used to smoke two and a half packs a day. So let's get started.

Get Excited About Your Stop Smoking Plan

You are about to change your life for the better. You are about to become a non smoker!This decision will add years to your life and you will continue to enjoy your friends and family. Set a quit date and make yourself a quit smoking timeline. Write it on your calendar. Tell your family and friends about your stop smoking plan. Remember you may slip up but the important thing is to understand what happened and continue with your plan. Don't be too hard on yourself, in fact you deserve a pat on the back. This really is a big deal, congratulations!

 It Is Bigger Than Us

First we must realize that there are chemicals in tobacco like nicotine, which are highly addictive. Tobacco was running my life. It was necessary for me to admit that I was in fact addicted to tobacco, but in doing so I was finally ready to get the help I needed. It would be helpful to join a free support group like QuitNet. For me, just having a couple of close friends that I could call, worked great. It is important to have support. Here in Maine we have a program called quit Maine. If you register with them someone will call periodically to check on your progress. This helps because you not only know someone else cares but they are going to check on you. Of course they are completely non judgemental and have the attitude that you only fail when you stop trying. This is a great attitude to adopt. Don't be too hard on yourself most people don't manage to quit the first time out but it is a learning experience. Look for the reason you smoked, it will make it easier to avoid the next time. After all it took a long time to learn this habit, it will take some time to learn a new lifestyle without smoking.

Recgonise your triggers

Quitting smoking is very stressful. You will find yourself having many emotions, after all you are have lost an old friend. Your emotions can range from anger to frustration to depression. You may even ask yourself why stop smoking? See your physician, there are some good medications to help us cope short-term with these strong feelings. This is tough, take all the help you can get! You see, we think that when we smoke it causes those feelings of anxiety and anger to go away, but that is not really true. Emotions are triggers to smoke and yes even good emotions will be a trigger. There are many possible triggers. It is a good idea to get to know your triggers and how to deal with them without useing nicotine. For example some people crave a cigarette with their coffee in the morning or right after eating a meal. It is important to have a plan, like picking up the phone and calling a friend or logging into a support group, going for a walk, drinking a glass of water, having a mint. Make a list  of all your triggers and have a plan of action for each one.

On A Personal Note Here Are A Few Of  My Quit Smoking Tips

If you believe in a power greater than yourself now would be an excellent time to enlist his help. After smoking for nearly thirty years it was obvious to me that something outside of myself had given me a helping hand.Having a daily ritual that marked each passing day was also a big help to me. I posted the days one by one to my facebook status. One day I looked and I had made it a week, then a month and the rest is history. Eat a healthy diet and drink a lot of juice and water. If you lingered over coffee and smokes in the morning get up and get moving instead. It is really about changing a lot of your personal habits. Don't do the same things you used to while you were a smoker. Sit in a different chair.Don't expose yourself to second hand smoke and do not hang around smokers!

The Good and The Bad

I did not realize how bad smoking actually smelled. Now you can look forward to your hair and clothes being smoke free. It is also easier to live in a world where you don't have to step outside in below zero temperatures just to have a smoke. Break time at work isn't about hurrying to get that second smoke in.You will breathe better. You will have more energy. Your taste buds will come back to life and your sense of smell will become much keener. Hours after quitting the benefits to your health will begin. Your risk of cancer, heart disease etc will decrease the longer you don't smoke. Your car and home will not smell like smoke. You will no longer be exposing family and friends to second hand smoke. Oh yes and the big one...You will have a pocket full of money. Start a I quit smoking bank account and go to Hawaii in a couple of years. The list goes on... Now for the bad...Yes there are some quit smoking side effects that I have not mentioned. You will most likely have bad dreams as the nicotine leaves your system possibly some headaches. You may just not feel well over all. You will go through mood swings and periods of craving. These are all normal reactions to nicotine withdrawal. Don't worry, the product which I recommend will do an excellent job alleviating many side effects from nicotine withdrawal. As you can see the good aspects of quitting smoking definitely out-weigh the bad. So let's get started on our journey to becoming a nonsmoker!

The Final Step

You are finally ready, congratulations! You are now armed with a lot of helpful information and you know what to expect.

  • You have talked with your doctor and gotten their approval.
  • You told your friends and family.
  • You have made a list of your triggers and have thought about what to do when this happens.
  • You have set a date.
  • You have an action plan

Your final and very important step is to choose a nicotine replacement product that is going to help you succeed with your desire to become a nonsmoker. Good luck on your journey and congratulations! I hope this has answered your question, "How can I stop Smoking?"

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