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How To Stop Smoking And Quit For Good
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How To Stop Smoking And Quit For Good

In this the temperate region of the world like Europe and America, stopping smoking is a yeoman task that even the most restrictive of government laws have not be able to control the high rate of smokers in these countries. Could one criticize the smoker for their habit in as much they do smoke in order to keep their body temperature warm during sever cold? Or is it that smoking is not just about the weather but a pleasure people has taken to?

I want you to know that smokers that they are two categories of smokers.

Light smokers

Heavy smokers.

The light smokers are the one that do smoke maybe one stick a day and that is all to it. It be for for cold weather reasons or not, that is another thing entirely.. The heavy smoker are those who would smoke three or more sticks of cigarette every day.

Can we say heavy smokers are addicted while light smoker are not? I won't want you to conclude that way. do you one can be a light smoker and still be said to be addicted to cigarette.Addiction to smoking is not about the amount of cigarette one take but how much of a habit it has become. So, you can either be a light or heavy smoker and be addicted to smoking cigarette. If you find it hard to do without even a stick of cigar a day, then such person is an addict.

Now, let get to the isuue of why people smoke.I talk about weather when I started this article. I raised the point that cold weather is a key factor in the preponderance of smoking in temperate countries. But if we look at this critically, even in hot weather countries like Africa,we do have a considerable high number of smokers there. So, one can say that weather is not just the main reasons why people smoke but there are other reasons.

What are they?

When someone take a stick of cigarette for the first time, he puffs and he feels nauseated He may vow never to touch it again let alone smoke. But, by the time he takes it the second time,he feels pleasured and then wants to have more. So, the pleasurable feeling it gives the smoker is one big hook that tie a smoker to smoking if care is not taken, all the days of his life.

One thing about taking to smoking is that, as you get hook to it, you find it hard to leave it. You won't be able to do in a day without smoking.If you even try to, you become to feel uneasy,disturbed and edgy. This is because it has affected your psychological and physiological balance.

What is the way out?

There is no quick fix to stopping smoking. It takes disciple and time for you to overcome this addictive habit.I will suggest you do the following:

  • See a doctor and confide in him or her.
  • Join a stop smoking groups as this will help you overcome this habit gradually and consistently.
  • Have someone you can report on the progress you are making and if not, the person should be able to encourage and monitor your progress.
  • Be determined and disciplined to quit entirely.

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