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Lifestyle And Love Guru Patti Stanger Offers Her Thoughts On Dating, Life And Electronic Cigarettes In Malibu
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Lifestyle And Love Guru Patti Stanger Offers Her Thoughts on Dating, Life And Electronic Cigarettes In Malibu

Recently spotted at an event in Malibu, "The Millionaire Matchmaker" exclaims her praise for Electronic Cigarettes.

Wildly successful Matchmaker, Executive Producer and Host of one of Bravo TV top rated reality series, called "The Millionaire Matchmaker", Patti Stanger has never held her feelings or opinions back when it comes to life, love and success, so it wasn’t a surprise when she was recently spotted promoting Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes in a Skinny Water Beach House happening held in Malibu, California in early August, 2011.She was posing for photographs together with the Green Smoke E-cigarette and tweeting to her over 100,000 followers on Social Networking site Twitter, "@greensmokecig best smokeless cig. All daters: nobody wants to kiss an ashtray!"

Electronic Cigarettes offer smokers a geniune and realistic smoking experience minus the health effects associated with conventional cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes, also referred to as E-Cigs, don’t discharge any carcinogens or dangerous active ingredients for instance tar in to the body or air, but nonetheless present an realistic and authentic smoking experience which has transformed smokers into "vapers" throughout the world. E-Cigs usually look like a standard cigarette however are battery charged so when breathed in, the battery heats up all the nicotine solution included inside and produces and odor free and smokeless mist, just like water vapour. Electronic Cigarettes usually include 2 parts, the battery portion that is reusable, and also the nicotine cartridge, that is screwed on and refillable or simply disposable according to the design. With flavours such as menthol, vanilla, tobacco, coffee and a range of fruity flavours, E-Cigs are chargeable thru wall plug or via a USB. "Consumers get the chance to take pleasure from "smoking" but with out chance of fire from hot ash, stinky garments and adding pollution on the surroundings are taken off, breath is fresh plus the level of savings is huge…" state the experts at XSITE.

Whether dating, eating out or perhaps enjoying cocktails acquaintances, enthusiasts of the E-Cig shall no longer be worrying about upsetting non smokers or any other people close to them since the Electronic Cigarette is totally free of the well known smoky stench that lots of people see offensive. Patti Stanger isn’t the first public figure to embrace Electronic Cigarettes as the new lifestyle product and as a substitute for traditional cigarettes, celebrities like Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and Leonardo DiCaprio have all been spotted going about their daily lives with their E-Cig in tow.

Famous or not, people who've been heavy smokers for 3 decades have dropped their old fashioned cigarette habit in support of the Electronic Cigarette and haven’t looked back. Convenient, inexpensive, smoke & odor free, E-Cigs are obviously gaining momentum as the superior alternative for conventional cigarettes for celebrities and every day folk alike.

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