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Reasons To Quit Smoking
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Reasons To Quit Smoking

I would say there are millions of reasons to quit smoking.  In fact we could probably write for a week long and still discover new reasons to quit smoking.  So for starters lets just talk of a few reasons to quit smoking.

I guess the biggest reason to quit smoking is  because chances are you will live much longer as a non smoker as compared to a smoker.

Everytime you light a cigarette you enhance the chances of developing heart or barin disease.  You also up the chances of getting cancer.

If you keep smoking you are not only depleting your health but also hurting the health of the people that live with you or hang out around you.  Believe what you want but it has been proven that second hand smoke can be just as dangerous as the smoker.

Another thing when you decide to quit smoking is all the money you will save.  In cases it results in several thousand dollars being saved in a year.

If you are pregnant do you really want to bring a baby into this world that has to immediately go into withdrawls when they are born.

After saying all of that I guess we should start talking about how we should go about the task to quit smoking.

The first thing we need to do is get prepared to put your quit smoking plans into place.  You need to set a date that you will quit smoking.  Then you will need to try and change things around you so that you do your best to get rid of all cigarettes.

Get people to help you with your quit smoking program.  The more encouragement and positive feed back you can get the better and easier things will be.  This means you need people like family, friends and people you work with to help you plug away.

The ultimate goal at all time has to be to quit smoking.  So with saying that we need to change things to represent that.  You have to distract yourself away from cigarettes.  Find things like hot baths or reading to take your mind of the smokes.  Plan your day everyday and try and make those plans work on forgetting about smoking.

If you are going to use any aids make sure you have them ready to start using.  When you quit smoking you may want to get some help from nicotine gum, and inhaler, the patch or what ever else you may use like an e-cigarette.

Focus on not relapsing.  You are going to have moments where you just feel ike you cant be a quiter.  You wil have moments when all you want to do is smoke.  Just remember the focus is to quit smoking.

At the end of the day if you want it bad enough anyone can quit smoking.  Its just a matter of wanting it bad enough.

I can tell you that without a doubt if you do quit smoking you will be doing great things to improve your health.

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