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Tips For Stoptober
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Tips for Stoptober

Stoptober is quickly approaching, but there is no need to panic. Use these last few days to make sure you are well prepared and then just relax and get excited about the upcoming event. As someone who managed to quit, I have prepared some tips based on my own experiences, and I hope it will help some of you get through your month.

1.) Instead of focusing on the bad things about smoking (health risks, financial drain etc), focus instead on the benefits. Stop smoking with positive thoughts. (more energy, more concentration, more confidence..the list goes on

The logic for this is simple. If you focus on the health problems and the money concerns, after a few weeks of quitting, what happens? you feel healthier and you have more money, so the motivation for stopping is significantly lessened, but if you focus on the benefits, stopping smoking will only get easier as the benefits manifest themselves.

2.) Do not keep a pack of cigarettes nearby "just in case"

I know it is tempting to keep one or two cigarettes on hand but whenever I did this, my quitting attempts never lasted very long. The key is to commit to stopping and that means you have to tell yourself the last one really is the last one

3.) Do not rely on gadgets or gums or patches

As with the above, you need to commit to stopping and you need to realize that nicotine is bad. The sooner you get it out of your system the sooner you can move on, so don't prolong that moment with nicotine replacement.

4.) Celebrate your freedom

Why mope about "giving up" smoking when you can celebrate being free? This stoptober will really be a benefit. Stop smoking for a few weeks and you will really notice the difference. You will be free. Are you giving up something you enjoy? No! You are giving up slavery to nicotine. Rejoice!

5.) Don't avoid social situations where you know others will be smoking.

This one is hard to do at first, you fear seeing other smokers and may even envy them when you see them light up. Instead, think about how they are feeling, the fact they need to smoke every hour. If you were in a restaurant, how bad did they feel until they were able to go outside for a smoke? You probably felt OK, but they were gagging for a smoke, do they have any benefit? Stop smoking and you will realize that social events are just as enjoyable, in fact, they are infinitely more enjoyable without the need to smoke.

6.) Use the Stoptober support packs and website

Having a mentor and support will really help you get through, whenever you are struggling with any aspect of quitting, reading some reassuring words can do wonders for your motivation.

7.) Do not fear failure.

This is the last tip. Many people fear failure so much that they don't even attempt to quit, or they think smoking is so hard to quit that they don't want the stress. The truth is, if you attempt it and fail, you are no worse off than if you hadn't tried in the first place. If you do fail to quit smoking, no problem. Just try again, use a different approach, research smoking some more, think of anything that will be a benefit, stop smoking books, hypnosis, relaxation tapes, try it all.

Street Talk

Go for it!

  about 1 decade ago

Less than a week now, I hope everyone is ready, and want to wish them all good luck!

  about 1 decade ago
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