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Ways To Stop Smoking (a Better Person Does)
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Ways to Stop Smoking (a Better Person Does)

Many people believe that smoking can be neutralize by our daily hygene or it will never be stop. Doctors advices always that "STOP SMOKING" would be the healthy diet ever. But mind you, if you are not stop this habit, it will destroy us, and it never be happen to us anymore. But if you try to do some ways and means to control this kind of habits, then we can control our smoking habits.

Here are some tips on how to overcome this smoking habits:

1. Instead of cigarettes, it can be substitute to CANDY or CANDIES, try to yourself this kind of habits, it could be much better than we have a diseases that involves smoking.

2. Take an extra jobs or part time jobs. So that you can no longer remember or your habits.

3. Reading BIBLE instead of smoking, because the more you spread the word of God, the more people save from danger and have a healthy lifestyle. Try to imagine, If you give more cigarettes to others, the more money will come to the owner of cigarettes company.

4. Give time to your loveones in dating, family dating, go to the place which where you can meditate and enjoy your self.

5. Go to the doctor thrice a year and accept, learn the advice that they give about your health, remember we have only one life, and it will never be return again if we lose this, change your lifestyle, the penny that you bought cigarette, you are going to give that one to the charity instead.

6. Learn the image below, do you like this will happen to you after a year. Always remember that it will not happen immediately on your body, but someday, somehow it will be happen, try to look at, do you like that disease?

7. Change your lifestyle. Attend seminars on sports like basketball, volleyball games. Go to gym instead of smoking. Sports are the better replacement of smoking, because it will need more oxygen and water, that is why, it cleans the body.

8. Drink coffee. You can replace also coffee, the coffee that includes mushroom. It is very healthy that fights against cancer and anti-aging. Try to find a coffee that have 12 different kinds of mushroom, look at the label of the coffee you bought, and find what kind of mushroom included.

9. Put God first in your life. I know, that if we put God on our side always, smoking habits will disappear.

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