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Why Stop Smoking - How Important Is Your Sense Of Smell?
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I believe that there too many reasons to count, why it is probably a good idea to stop smoking cigarettes. I also believe that the only important reasons are those which have the effect of helping to convince someone, that now is the time to take action and stop.

I was reminded again today of the importance of my sense of smell to me, when I was in my local park. I really would not like to spend the rest of my life unable to enjoy all of the subtle scents which are available - totally free incidentally - for any of us to enjoy. Because I have never smoked cigarettes myself, I must rely on the evidence of others, to back up what I am explaining about the effects of smoking tobacco on a person's senses.

I recall particularly well how enthusiastically my father described his experiences, having stopped smoking on doctor's orders. This was after more than thirty years with a twenty cigarettes a day habit. I think it was rather difficult for him to appreciate, that the wonderful fragrances he was describing in great detail, had always been there for those of us who do not smoke.

It is so easy for us to take for granted just how wonderful the variety of smells can be, so it was interesting for me to find out just how much is missed by those who prefer to enjoy the 'pleasures' of smoking cigarettes.

We are told by scientists that our sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways which the brain can be stimulated to recall deep-seated memories. I do have to feel some sympathy for those whose memories might well be limited to those which include the type of 'fragrances' that remind most of us of old ashtrays!

I will remain forever grateful for being able to fully appreciate the vast number of delicate scents in the world. Everything from that of a small baby, to the spices in a top class curry. There is nothing could convince me to exchange that, for the pleasure of a nicotine rush - no matter how much that might make a smoker smile!

On its own, the decrease or loss of a sense of smell might not be enough to persuade someone to find a way to give up smoking. But along with all the other reasons, perhaps it could just tip the balance.

For those who decide that now is the time to make a change and find a way to stop smoking cigarettes, there is plenty of help and guidance available.

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