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Why Stop Smoking? - If You Do Not Really Want To Be Happy Anyway
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When you stop smoking, will it help you to get more of what you want out of life? The more I learn about us, the more I find out about everyone's desire for happiness. Yes, we want success. Yes, we want more money. Yes, we want more and more new shiny toys etc. How much of all this really makes people happier?

The answer provided by the scientists who have done the research is - not very much! By all that can be measured, people nowadays, particularly those of us in west (the so-called developed world), have more things than ever before.

It might not feel like it, but we really are wealthier than our parents and grandparents generations. Why then do all the figures show that the general level of happiness has not increased at all? This is a huge question and the search for answers is likely to keep those of us who seek busy for many more years to come.

One answer which is now very plain to me, is that the promises of the advertisers and big business are never fulfilled. I am usually cautious with the word never, but I believe it is appropriate here. We are conditioned to such a degree that we can be persuaded to ruin our health and our planet for the next fix of comfort or fun.

Take the example of the person who tells you they are concerned about global warming. See them in the bathroom in the morning; they are happy to turn on a machine to heat up air, simply to dry their hair more quickly! They are against global warming, but only that done by other people.

Now to the specific subject of my article.

Another truth I can be fairly certain of, is that if you continue to smoke cigarettes, you will never be truly happy. The cost of that feel-good, which comes from the nicotine, is just too great in the long term.

It is difficult to measure objectively, but I have seen so many examples of this high cost, mainly in terms of health, that I can be as close to certain about this as it is possible to be about most things. Much of my experience of this was gained at home, as the child of parents who smoked fairly heavily.

To watch someone you love disappear behind a cluster of illnesses and disease can have quite a profound effect, and this effect will probably never leave me. Those diseases of the breathing and blood circulation systems are both very unpleasant and painful. The most telling aspect of this for me, is the fact that my father did not manage to live to be 60 years old!

No one can say how long he could have lived had he not smoked, but statistics and all logic say it would have been at least another few precious years.

One of my vivid memories is his descriptions of how much better he felt, during the very short periods when he did stop smoking. I can also remember how much it hurt, each time I found out that the addiction had won again.

Some people can tell you that they have known smokers who have lived well into old age. I can also tell you that it is possible to jay-walk across a busy highway and not get hit by a car or truck!

I will select a route which does not include that type of gambling with my life!

In just the same way, I will avoid smoking cigarettes and will , for the rest of my life, encourage anyone and everyone, to stop smoking and look forward to a healthier, happier life - and very probably a longer one too.


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