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Why The E - Cigerettes Work!
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Why the E  -  Cigerettes Work!

Are you having a tough time quitting or kicking that nasty habit! Well you’re not alone. The research has shown that over 500,000 people regret taking that first drag of a cigarette .It’s almost instantly you are addicted to tobacco and before you know it. Thousands of dollars are gone all because you are highly addicted to a substance formally known as nicotine. But what most people don't even realize that 1 out of 3 people in the world has trace amounts of nicotine in their system. And it’s not from smoking or second hand smoking.

Nicotine is a stimulate its found in over one third of our foods , but the biggest trace amounts of nicotine gathers and crystallizes on top of tobacco plants. That's why it’s always associated with smoking and the tobacco plant. But the whole problem isn't the nicotine it’s the 4,000 other agents the tobacco farmers throw on there to speed up the flowering process to maximize their profit margins.

So what does this mean to the smoke when we try to quit. Our bodies are use to 4,000 chemicals, habitually being taken every day. To break it down on a substance abuse chart over a period of time the psyche can deal with 3 to 5 chemicals its use to being stopped as we in the real world would call it, quitting cold turkey. But over 4,000 of them is fatal, but here is the secret to quitting out of all of 4, 0000 chemical. That we burn and ingest into our bodies. One of them actually releases an enzyme that is known to comfort and relax the cognitive powers of the mind. Nicotine So if there was a way to take away all 3,900 chemicals just keeping the nicotine and then slowly cut down the intake of the excessive drug until you are completely free of no nicotine,

Well there is now its called the e-cigarette. It comes in all sizes and shapes and is proven to be the safest form of ingesting nicotine. The e-cig actually works I know because I have not smoked a real cigarette in over 7 months and I have never looked back, In fact I Have helped over a thousand people quit smoking.

Here are some terms you will here on the topic of e-cigs me and a bunch of e-cig users refer to e-cig users as vaping or vapors. How does it work if you’re wondering? Well there is between two to three parts of an e-cigarette first off you have an battery, atomizer, cartridge or tank that sole purpose is to hold your e-juice , basic e-juice is the flavoring you choose and there's roughly about 5,000 different flavors. And then you have an atomizer which is the cooking element that screws on top of the battery, to heat up the juice then presto vapor .So with all this information use it save your life and your families and quit smoking and start vaping, I use the ego t kit it works and the battery is one of the longest lasting batteries on the market.

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