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An Introduction To Racquetball
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An Introduction to Racquetball

A lot of people do not know about Racquetball, maybe they have heard of the game, but never played or watched it. So, I wanted to explain how to play the game, with hopes that you will get excited and want to try it. Lets begin!

Racquetball is very similar to tennis in many ways. They both have racquets, they both have a ball that can only bounce once. You can mess up your serve and only the server can get points. So now you know the basics of racquetball, but you are probably thinking in terms of tennis now. Lets now look at some differences.

First off, racquetball can be played indoors or outdoors. Indoors you are playing a room closed off. The goal is to hit the ball against the front wall (main wall) and having it bounce at most once before hitting it against the main wall again. If the ball hits the ground twice you have lost your serve or given your opponent a point.

Next, you can bounce the ball off any wall as long as it hits the main wall without bouncing on the floor more than once. Exception to this rule is, when you are serving. When the person is serving the ball must first hit the forward (main) wall before hitting any other wall (this also includes the floor.)

Outdoor racquetball is very similar to indoor racquetball. Except there is no roof or back wall. So in indoor racquetball the ball can bounce off the top wall and/or the back wall. But in outdoor racquetball you do not have this choice. This means that if the ball goes far back you have to go walk after the ball. This shouldn't be discouraging, since a lot of people that love racquetball love the exercise. Racquetball is tons of fun and you can lose many calories, while doing so and probably not even notice it. Easily over 1000 calories, so take note of that and the more you weigh the more calories per hour you burn.

Great, we are slowly building up on the different steps to play the game of racquetball.

I would also like to mention safety before you get up and buy a cheap racquet and get right into it. You will like to invest in racquetball goggles. It is important to make such an investment because you will rather pay for these chemistry lab goggle looking lenses than an ophthalmologist surgery. Yes, the serves can get quite fast and by mistake a precise blow to the eye can be very damaging. So, when you go buy that racquet make sure you invest in racquetball safety goggles.

Also, wear closed-toed shoes so that you do not trip or hit a wall with your toes. Lets not forget you are playing against another person and definitely do not want them to step on your toes metaphorically and realistically.

You have the main grasp and are almost a novice racquetball player. Go out there and burn those calories, get active and enjoy a new sport. You will not regret it!

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