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What Is A Racquetball Hinder
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What is A Racquetball Hinder

I am going to be talking to you about what a hinder in racquetball ,is and when it happens ,and how some people can tell when one occurs and what happens when it occurs.

When you play the sport of racquetball a lot of times your opponent will get in your way when your either going to make a shot or simply get in your way on the way to a shot.These are called hinders. There are a few different kinds of hinders. There is a hinder that we call an audible hinder. Another is called an avoidable hinder. There are hinders that result in a replay and some that do not

Here are some of the hinders that result in a replay of that particular rally. The most common replay hinder is when an offensive shot is made and the ball hits his opponent on the way to the front wall,however if he doesn't hit the ball hard enough that it wouldn't have made the front wall a replay is not awarded and the call is in the discretion of the referee. If the ball hits the front wall ,then comes back and hits the opponent,then it would not be a replay either. Another hinder that calls for a replay is when there is accidental contact and this is also at the discretion of the referee. If a ball takes a funny bounce off a light or any other obstruction in the court,that would result in a replay as well.

Some of the other hinders like avoidable hinders are not replays.The rule states that if the person who is taking an offensive shot is obstructed in any way by his opponent taking away all his possible shots is a avoidable hinder and the penalty is the offensive person either gets a point or he gets to serve. The audible hinder is when a person is about to make a shot and his opponent says something to him to try to make him mess up his shot. The penalty for this is the same as the avoidable hinder. The racquetball screen rule is also a hinder and this happens when the ball comes through someones legs or close to there body so the other person cant see the ball till its too late. these kinds of screens are usually replays unless an avoidable is called. Remember who has the discretion, that's right ,the referee. Hes always in charge of calling a racquetball hinder.

You can imagine how many times some of these hinders occur in a game especially when people are playing doubles,yes i said it,doubles. It can get a little crazy out there at times,but it sure is a hoot.

Thanks for reading and i hope you learned a little about hinders.

Cheers Paul.

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