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What Type Of Racquetball Player Are You!?
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What Type Of Racquetball Player Are You!?

So in my last article we left off talking about how to get started in the game of racquetball. Today, we will learn what type of player you are and the strength and weakness of each style.

As soon as you step onto the court you to play a new opponent you have no idea of their style. They could be calculative and masterful. They could be powerful to the point of popping a few balls with mere strength of swing. There are even players that have a finesse touch that puts the ball softly in the most difficult positions to rebuttal.

So, what player are you? Let’s try to find out.

Are you a wizard? If so, you are probably a calculative racquetball player. This style of play leaves the opponent with a headache. They use every geometric angle in order to confuse the player. Not only that but they play chess against the opponent and usually put them in checkmate. That’s right! They change up their serves, move around in the serving box. They have their opponent constantly guessing and for that matter guessing wrong. Who might you see playing this racquetball style? Maybe Dumbledore!

Are you a ripped, muscular guy who bench presses more than your weight? Sounds a whole lot like the guys that play with power. A powerful racquetball player is scary! These type of guys you rather get out of the way than try and win the match. One of those balls can leave you a need circular bruise on your back for more than a few days. The definite benefit of a powerful style is that it is intimidating. A serve that is hard to focus your eyes on. Who might you see playing this racquetball style? Maybe The Hulk (Angry of course)!

Are you a mellow and cheerful person? Sounds like you’re the finesse racquetball player. This type of player does not take any credit on any of their points. “I just got lucky,” is the most common phrase they use. Their serves are usually soft and high and tend to jiggle around the walls. They jog around the court and rebuttal the ball with flicks of the wrist. These guys always smiling even, when making a rookie mistake but that doesn’t happen often. They have been slowly building their craft to make the game hard for the opponent and easy for themselves. Who might you see playing this racquetball style? Maybe Timmy.

So, go out there and make sure to classify your opponent and feel free to switch your styles up next time you go enjoy racquetball!

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