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CB Radios provide citizens with a system of short distance radio communications on a selection of 40 channels, all ran on a 27MHz band. The "CB" in CB radios actually stands for citizens' band radio.

CB radios were made popular during the 1970's. This allowed normal citizens to use a radio service and have a direct line of communication to another without requiring any type of licenses or fees. You just bought the radio, hooked it up, and you were ready to go. People found them ideal for business as well as personal communication. The only downfall to this free service was that the radio waves were shared by many users, and with only one radio able to transmit at any given time, other users had to wait until the air was clear to transmit.

The Citizen's Band radio service was started in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission in 1945. However this technology was quite expensive for the normal person to afford at this time. This changed in the late 1960's with the advancements in technology and allowed for the weight, size, and price to drop for CB radios dramatically. Now anyone could own a CB radio and they were popular among plumbers, carpenters, electricians, truck drivers, and radio enthusiasts.

Truck drivers are most widely known for their use of the CB radio. In the 1970's as an oil crisis hit our nation and the government imposed a national speed limit of 55mph on highways and freeways, truck drivers used the CB radio to locate gas stations that actually had gas and to inform other truck drivers as well as people traveling of speed traps and police locations.

Another catalyst in the 70's was the use of CB radios in popular culture. Hollywood used CB radios in popular movies such as The Dukes of Hazard and Smokey and the Bandit. There was also a popular song by the name of "Convoy" that was released in 1976 by CW McCall which spoke of truckers forming a convoy while driving down the freeway and glorified the beauty of a convoy while talking to each other on a CB radio. However the great popularity of the CB radio came with a price. With everyone having a CB radio it became difficult to try and get air time. Channels were always cluttered and the CB radio lost its ability to provide a reliable channel of communication.

This changed with the invention of the cell phone. As many Americans began to rely on their cell phone as a line of communication while they traveled, the channels became less clogged and once again the radio waves were free to exchange direct information.

Since the time of the 70’s boom in CB radios many new technologies have also been developed to allow for improved communication and reliability. Technology that is used not only by truckers but CB radios for motorcycles have also become popular items. CB radios reviews also exist on these new products to promote their affordability and educate citizens on uses and advantages of owning a CB radio.

Some may argue that CB radios are out-dated and useless however the CB radio has come a long way since its inception and still serves a meaningful purpose. The technology advancements, ease of use, and reliability provide anyone who uses a CB radio with a direct line of communication to share valuable information with one another.

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