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Mixture Of Arts With Saytue Saye
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Mixture Of Arts With Saytue Saye

What is a Saytue Saye? I kind of figure that's what you are thinking about looking at the title of this article. Well, Saytue is a person. Actually, she is a Liberian woman that loves poetry, writing, internet and is exptremely deep. In a nut shell, she loves to express herself. So why is the tite called Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye?

The reason behind this article title

First of all, what comes to mind when you think of mixture of arts? I'm guessing probably arts and craft, right? It's pretty close, because Saytue Saye loves all things arts and craft, expecially painting. And if you ask her family what brings the calmness and creativity in her, they'll definitely say "doing art"and "writing".

Since your thought of arts and craft was close enough, what about an internet radio show? Does "Mixture of Arts" make a cool internet radio show titile? Weird isn't it? But I'm almost sure you think it's pretty cool to.

Why will a internet radio show be called "Mixture of Arts" anyway?

Well, to make it short and simple. I already explained to you what Saytue Saye likes and is interested in, so I'm assuming you would know why she named her internet radio show "Mixture of Arrts". Actually, Mixture of Arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show. And because Saytue love the mixture of creative arts, in my honest opinion, the title for her internet radio show fits it perfectly. Isn't that creative? Yea, I know.

I use to wonder how internet radio worked, but now, I totally understand why a lot of people are drawn to it. It is nothing like traditional radio shows at all. For some reason, it seem as though traditional radio hosts are not as real like they want to be. Not to mention, I don't even think they are allowed to talk about certain issues that are important to them

When you're dealing with internet radio shows, the hosts are their own boss. This gives them the opportunity to produce whatever show topic they want to put out there for the world to listen. And I think that's what the world wants to hear, because nobody want to listen to someone that is not real. Do you want o listen to a person that is not real?

Besides, there are so many unheard artists and business owners out there that want to get heard and seen. Internet radio stations such as "mixture of arts" can do this for them, because the big guys don't have time to show them love and being that internet radio shows are online, that means worldwide exposure.

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