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Strength Of A Woma/wife
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Strength Of A Woma/wife

The song strength of a woman by  R Kelly have been one song that has a very strong meaning on women but I really wonder what is the strength of a woman/wife, a woman takes care of her family, of the in-laws of the extended family while the man sees her like object.

To my own view when God created woman he had reason to create her from the rib of a man thus making the man weaker and woman stronger, he can with stand the pressure of the boss, the pressure of the husband and kida, the pressure of the other woman at the same time the pressure of the in-laws and the neighbor.

A woman carries a baby in her womb for nine month the same time maintain the work schedule and her family should be recommended, the struggle she goes through for those nine months,as she gives birth and also as she bringing up that baby, most of the time alone  with the husband out there enjoying life is surely the strength she has inside.

The woman bringing up the kids to her perfection and when the kids grow up the first person they disrespect is their own mother, we never realize how honorable our mothers are until we get our own kids and raise them them that the time we start thinking how important my mother was.

Women who copes with her husband infidelity and stand by him, forgives him and continues pampering him is surely a strong woman and one who needs to be honored in any way. There is nothing as powerful as forgiving an infidelity and standing by your own man no matter what others say.

All the time she is just thinking about her family and when a woman walks out of her family just know she has been hurt more than she can be able to bear. sometimes I wonder what goes on in the mind of a woman as she goes through all the insults, the physical, emotional torture and yet she continue treating the man as the king of the house, as the bible says women submit to your husband and husband love your wife’s as you love your own bodies, do men really love their wife’s and if they do why do they subject them to misery, that’s for another day.

A woman shows strength as she gets attacks from her in-laws, the way, the way she is treated as if she is an outsider and yet that woman holds her in-laws as if they were her own family, with all the strength she can, she can’t let them go hungry when she has food, she clothes them, what strength

The woman stands up against her neighbours or other people who try to bring her family down and shows them nothing is as important as the family she has.

she stands by the people she loves and her friends when they are faced with problems when herself is weak either without showing it, she cries and the same time she smiles when the burden she is carrying is so heavy ,

with all the strength  that God created her with, a woman is a unique person and that’s why God created her the last thing so that she can make her a perfection and the strength to hold on all the problems that she faces in this world.

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Super article about women purity...Thanks for the reminder!

  about 1 decade ago
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