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How To Make A Spanish Omelette: Tortilla De Patatas
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How to Make A Spanish Omelette: Tortilla De Patatas

Spain is one of the european countries with mediterranean food.

Mediterranean diet is considered by all experts one of the most healthy and delicious, due the richness in helthy products, like olive oil, fruits, vegetables and other.

Spanish “Tortilla de patatas” is a recipe for 4 persons, of low difficulty, time of preparation 35 minutes and very cheap.

No one has visited Spain has left without tasting one of the most typical plates. You can eat in any bar with any kind of drink.

You can eat as a main plate, in a sandwich, like an appetizer, lunch or dinner.

Also you can serve in small portions, with bread and one toothpick in a buffet lunch or dinner. In Spain is called this kind of serve: Tapas.

Delicious healthy meal very easy cooking.


9 eggs, 1 medium onion, Salt and extra virgin olive oil, 1 kg. potatoes.


Wash peel and cut the potatoes in small tracks and salt them.

Peel and cut in dice the onion.

Put to cook a deep frying pan with abundant extra virgin olive oil and when its warm, add the potatoes and the onion.

When they are soft well and lightly gilded, we extract them of the frying pan and drain the oil.

In a bowl we beat the eggs up to obtaining a good mixture. We add then the potatoes and the onion on the well-trodden eggs and remove well in order that he remains quite mixed and add salt if necessary.

A deep frying pan puts to the fire with two spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil and when its warm we add the mix with eggs, potatoes and onion.

We lower the fire and add the mix with eggs, potatoes and onion, and move the frying pan with semicircular movements in order that the tortilla moves inside and does not stick.

When one part of the 'tortilla' is middle cook, we give the return to the 'tortilla' putting a dinner plate on the frying pan, like cover, and turning the frying pan on the plate. Now we will add again the tortilla, leaving her to slip carefully, from the plate to the frying pan.

This is the most difficult part, but don’t be scare or upset in your first try is not good.

Experience is everything in live!

We move again with circular movements the frying pan and leave her to cook between 5 and 10 minutes, with the low fire until is cooked within well.

You can cook well done, middle…its up to you and your likes. And don’t forguet of course join with a good spanish red wine.


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i like it.

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I love the Tortilla Espanola!

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