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Learning How To Cook
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Cooking is a great joy for some people & a complete nightmare for others. To those of you that cooking is a nightmare I say face that nightmare head on find a cook book your comfortable with and pick a recipe and make it.

There's a rule we use a lot in the culinary field as well as life in general its the K.I.S.S rule (keep it simple stupid)remember some of the best recipes are the simplest.

Once you have prepared your recipe a couple times and its turned out good then use your imagination for example your basic french toast (eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla & stale french bread or fresh or stale regular bread) (I personally like to use stale french better texture). you can adjust this recipe easily to suit you by adding a little Orange juice to the mix, Cinnamon or rum what ever suits your taste. same thing for other recipes just taste the herbs and spices separately and think to yourself how would this taste with my fish, chicken, beef or pork. Some grate dishes were created by accident. So don't be afraid of that fish it wont bite its dead. just face it head on.

Cooking is a labor of love the best thing to add to any recipe is a heaping cup of love sounds Corney, but all in all if you don't like what your doing then chances are you wont do your best. So lose that fear and make someone in your life happy by cooking them that perfect meal "YOU" created.

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Check out some of Jamie Oliver's recipes.

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