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Wrap Sandwich Recipes For Healthy Lunches
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Wrap Sandwich Recipes For Healthy Lunches

I love food but I love food too much and I have decided to change my eating habits starting with my day to day lunch at work.

I want to be able to replace the burgers, full fat mayonnaise fillings and high calorie meals I eat every day, The crazy thing is I don’t mind eating healthy food I quite like it so swapping the tacos for low in fat sandwich wrap recipes should be quite easy.

I am going to list my 5 day plan below that you too can follow, every day I will be taking advice from the experts to see if I can change my eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Day 1 Monday lunch

I've decided to start with some advice from the vegetarian society, I've figured if anyone knows how to eat healthy and must be able to keep a healthy diet going it’s the veggies, I must stress I will never become a full time veggie simply because I love BBQ way too much.

The recipe I will be eating today is cheese, onion and cherry tomato quiche with a tossed salad consisting of diced iceberg lettuce, cucumber, white and red onion.

My thoughts – It was enjoyable and it only took me 30 minutes to make the night before

Day 2 Tuesday Lunch

Today I have researched the fitness blogs and web sites, food suggestions from this part of society has to be healthy it’s a big part of keeping fit!

A recipe I found on-line sounds really nice it’s a pasta dish with spinach, fresh tomatoes, white onion, low fat cheese and black pepper, a healthy pasta bake.

My thoughts – Very easy to make only took 20 minutes but did taste a little bland, maybe it was my cooking skills but it needed some kind of a kick possibly chicken is the answer.

Day 3 Wednesday Lunch

I find sandwiches quite boring so a little bit of research and I've discovered a interesting alternative; sandwich wrap recipes and the best thing is there are over 60 different options.

Today I will be trying BBQ chicken salad wrap with low fat mayonnaise.

My thoughts – This is my favorite so far I really enjoyed this wrap, I will be trying this one hot next time.

Day 4 Thursday Lunch

There are a lot of celebrity chefs on TV so after taking a quick look I found some very good suggestions for healthy eating.

So much choice but I have chosen a vegetable stir fry in the dish, noodles, peppers, onions, mushrooms, spring onions and courgettes with a soy sauce to finish.

My thoughts – I didn't enjoy making the dish the noodles kept sticking but when I was at work it was very simple to reheat in the microwave, it tasted good but not very filling I was hungry again a few hours later.

Day 5 Friday Lunch

I like reading cooking websites and there is a lot of good recipe websites with healthy suggestions.

Today I will be eating home made soup with crusty brown rolls, the soup is vegetable you can put pretty much any veg you have into the soup I decided to add potatoes and pasta just to make sure I didn't become hungry like yesterday.

My thoughts – Very happy how the soup tasted and it was very filling in fact this was the most filling recipe of the week I didn't expect that at all, Soup took the longest to make however once it was all in the pan all you have to do is leave it so not too bad.

My final conclusion

I've enjoyed this challenge and didn't miss the bad food at all, it’s really easy to plan ahead and I feel more active it’s well worth the effort, give it a try yourself this week.

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Great, I like all kinds of wraps, kebabs etc.

  about 8 years ago
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