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5 Ways To Get Back At Your Ex
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5 Ways to Get Back at Your Ex

Being in a relationship is something that requires commitment and dedication to be maintained otherwise it will simply fall apart. But where there are relationships there are break ups. And break ups are never much fun, especially if it is your partner breaking up with you.

If you have just been involved in a break-up, it is quite common for you to be feeling as though you want to get back at your ex for causing you this pain. Just ask yourself if this is really the best thing to be doing. I am going to share with you some of the best ways to get back at your ex which will lead to them questioning if they made the right choice by breaking up with you and may even lead to your ex wanting to get back together with you. So these five tips can help you to get back at your ex as well as to get them back at the same time. Cool huh?

Tip 1

Show strength – Acting needy and as if you need your ex to live will not help anyone in any way (except to confirm with your ex that breaking up was the right decision). You should come across as desperate at all, rather act as if you are strong and doing just fine on your own. If you make it apparent that you are fine and moving on with your life, your ex will doubt whether they are feeling the same as you.

Tip 2

Distance yourself – At this point you should put a halt to nearly all forms of communication for the time being. Although you may think that this is being counterintuitive if you want to get back at your ex or get back with your ex, just think for a second how this can be effective. This will lead to your ex starting to miss you and they will start to realize how important you actually are to them. Hard to do if you are contacting them at any chance you have isn’t it?

Tip 3

Be easy-going – Don’t come across with too much force when you are dealing with the end of this relationship. Don’t set dates that they should be gone by. Don’t demand your personal possessions back from them. Listen to what they want to do and show them that you understand where they are coming from. This will surprise your ex and may force them to re-think things.

Tip 4

Go have some fun – Immediately after a break up is the worst time to be alone. Go hang out with your friends and have a laugh, take some time to enjoy the freedom. Have some time off relationships for a while, just have fun! This will not only be great for you, but your ex may realise that they have lost a strong and fun person.

Tip 5

Act natural – Remember to act your usual self and try to remind your ex of all the reasons why they were with you in the first place. Just be yourself, relax and your ex will remember why they fell in love with you and will start to miss you once they realize all those things are gone.

When it comes to getting back at your ex, don’t set out to break their heart or make their life miserable. Make them miss you and remind them of what it is they are throwing away and this will help to not only get back at your ex, but also to get back with your ex.

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