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An Odd Trick To Female Psychology That Helped Get My Ex Girlfriend Back
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When I struggled to get my former ex girlfriend back into my life several years ago, I was stuck trying to figure her out. We guys tend to think women are a lot different from us and that their minds are like some complicated psychological maze or something. The truth is, women are not that much different than guys. They are just wired a little differently.

See, the thing with women is that they respond to EMOTION, not logic. And a guy’s brain is wired to respond to logic. So while it makes sense to US that she should choose us because we might have tons of money, a great car, a steady paycheck, or something like that, she will go for the guy living with his parents who is unemployed if he does ONE thing right: appeals to her emotions.

Okay, you say, so how the heck do I appeal to her emotions and what does that even mean? To appeal to a woman’s emotions, it means that you have to STOP with the behaviors that drive her away, like badmouthing the other guy after she leaves you, and instead be cool, supportive, and FUN.

A woman LOVES fun. That is what she wants. And most guys do too. Think about it: what have been your best dates, the ones where you discussed the workings of your car, or the ones where you hung out at a playground, or an amusement park, or even just a coffee shop, chatting about things you love?

So if you take steps to make yourself a fun and appealing guy, and you stop badmouthing the new guy if you have done that, you will skyrocket in her eyes in terms of attractiveness, and you will have understood a choice piece of female psychology that will get your ex girlfriend back into your arms, no matter how much you have screwed up (provided you weren’t abusive, unkind, or in some way damaging to her, that is, and as long as she isn’t in circumstances that prevent her from coming back to you - like marriage or moving to another country).

Ultimately that is all there is to it. If you understand this choice piece of female psychology and then understand that you need to be a fun, attractive, and independent guy to be someone that appeals to her, you will have made mountains of progress towards getting your ex girlfriend back from another guy - or any girl you want, really.

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