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Do You Really Want Him Back?
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Do You Really Want Him Back?

Splitting up with your mate can be one of the most devastating events of a person's life. In the early days, it seems like you can't do anything without thinking about your partner who has left you. Eventually you will have to ask yourself the all important question - "Do You Really Want Him Back?"

For some reason, when you husband or boyfriend leaves you, the past arguments, disagreements and little things that you didn't like seem to fade and all you remember are the good things and he good times. There is a awful pain in the pit of your stomach and it feels as if this person alone, is the only one who can fill it.

Reason's you may want your husband/boyfriend back;

You love him

You miss the intimacy

You are financially attached

You don't want to be alone

Throughout the internet if you search for "break up advice" or "my husband has left me, now what," your results will be 90% advice and tips on how to win your man back or how to save your marriage. Many of them are very interesting and well thought out, BUT, I ask you to consider the question, "do you really want this man back?"

What were the circumstances of him leaving? How did he leave you? Is there another woman, or man? These are all very important questions that you need to consider before you decide to pursue an individual who has left you.

You can recover from any break up, but it starts with looking at and standing up for yourself first.

Here are 2 tips to moving on really fast;

1. Do Something. That's right, do something, anything, everything you always wanted to but put off. Now is the time to remember what it was like before couplehood. Rekindle your dreams and fantasies. It can be as simple as going to an exotic restaurant, to something more detailed as taking a class or going on vacation. Whatever you do, don't sit in the house and mope, remembering all the good times you had with your ex. That's right, this is also the time to start referring to him as the ex.

2. Change your environment. This goes along with tip one. Your environment can influence your emotions. Also familiar environments trigger memories. You have to take initiative to create new memories somewhere else. If possible drive a new way to work or home. Go to a new grocery store. Hang out at a new restaurant or bar. Those are simple tips, if you have the ability, move to a new place, especially if the old one was a shared domicile with your ex.

I have more advice and tips for anyone interested in moving on. Whether its a long term marriage or a short term relationship, breaking up as the song goes is extremely hard to do and we all need advice and new ideas to move on.

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