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Does Making An Ex Jealous Get Them Back?
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Does Making An Ex Jealous Get Them Back?

Getting back with your ex is never an easy task. You must be prepared to put the time and effort in to achieve your goal. Finding the right balance can be hard, you don't want to push your ex too hard. The result of pushing too hard will be the opposite of what you desire - you will push your ex even further away. You are in control of your own destiny, if you want something bad enough then you can achieve it if you acquire the right techniques and the knowledge to apply them correctly.

There are a few ways that you can win your ex back, making your ex jealous is one of them. Much like a doctor prescribes pills to cure certain ailments you will have to find the right dosage. You do not want to overdose your ex with jealousy, this will have a negative effect on your scenario. You also do not want to under-dose for obvious reasons. Using jealousy to win your ex back is much like playing with fire, if you do not know what you are doing then you will get burned.

What Is The Correct Dosage

So where should you draw the line? Flirting? Dating? Getting into another relationship?. Well, the first thing I would rule out would be getting into another relationship for the purpose of making your ex jealous. Getting , into another relationship would be very unfair on the person you get involved with, it might also make your ex give up on you completely as they will think that you have "moved on" and no longer need, or want them.

If you make it too obvious that you are flirting and/or dating in order to make your ex jealous then they will think that you are pathetic and desperate. Don't do it "in their face". Use the grapevine to your advantage, let the news trickle to your ex via mutual friends. Subtlety is key, ideally you want to make your ex think that you are trying to hide your actions from them.

Dating is fine, it is perfectly acceptable to date other people after a breakup. You need to show your ex that you can get out there and have a social life. If your ex thinks that you are stuffing your face vegged out in front of the TV they will not be attracted to that. You need to exude an air of confidence. Take pride in yourself and your appearance, in this way you will make your ex want you back again.

The main thing is that you do it for yourself. Do not date someone else for the sole reason of making your ex jealous. Meeting new people is always a good thing, if it makes your ex jealous then that is an added plus. Do not use anyone that you are dating as a stick to beat your ex with, using people for any reason whatsoever is always negative. If you use someone else in a spiteful attempt to hurt your ex then you can forget about ever getting back together with them, you will close the door forever on the relationship.

You have to remember that jealously is only one weapon in your arsenal, and it isn't the biggest or most effective one. It has to be used in combination with other methods to get your ex back. Using jealously to win your ex back can work wonders insofar as speeding the process up. Look at it as an accelerator. It will create a sense of urgency and encourage your ex to get a move on before you "move on". Your ex will be under the impression that there is a limited time before the door to restarting your relationship is shut for good.

Using jealously is one of the last things you should do, there are other things that you will have to do first. If you play your cards right you may not have to use jealously as a tactic to win your ex back at all. Learning the other methods of winning your ex back is essential. Jealousy is only a small part of the puzzle, and it is not needed in every situation.

What Do I Do Now?

Being dumped is one of the worst experiences that someone can have in their life. Many people look at being dumped in a very simplistic way. "Moving on" is not that easy if you are still deeply in love with someone. If you really love someone then you shouldn't just give up on them, you should do everything that you can to fight for them and get your relationship back on track.

It is essential that you learn how to avoid common breakup mistakes. Avoiding the mistakes that most people make after breaking up will save you a lot of heartache and grief.

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