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Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? - Find Out Here
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Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me?  -  Find Out Here

One of the hardest things to come to terms with in the immediate aftermath of a breakup is an ex that is acting in a cold or glib manner towards you. It can be very hard to bear. Given a situation like this, is it possible that your ex still has feelings for you? Yes it is, feelings are not like light switches or taps, they can't be turned on and off so easily.

You need to know how to recognize the signs which indicate that your ex still has feelings for you. That said, you will also have to know how to be realistic and rational about the situation, do not read too deeply into everything that your ex does and says in the initial stages after the breakup. Raising your hopes prematurely will lead to a false start and inevitable disappointment.

So what are the signs your ex still has feelings for you? There are many, some of the more common ones are-

Contact Is Not Broken After The Breakup

This is one of the clearest signs that your ex is not completely over you. They committed to the breakup, but are only willing to go so far, they fear a complete break away from you and do not want to lose you completely. Basically, they still want to know what you are doing in your life and what your feelings are. Your ex views continued contact with you as an insurance policy of sorts, they do not want to close the door on the possibility of getting back together with you at some time in the future.


Does your ex ask your friends how you are doing on a regular basis? If so, you can be sure that you still hold a place in their heart. A person only does this when they really care about someone, if he/she did not care why would they bother to take the time to do so? You should take this as a clear indication that you still factor very highly in your ex's thoughts, there is promise for the two of you to get back together again.

The Green Eyed Monster

Does your ex get all weird if they find out that you have been flirty with someone of the opposite sex? Did you get a message from your ex asking you about it? This is a great sign, people only tend to get possessive and protective about those that they love. You may even use this to spur them on. Get flirty with someone and make sure the news gets back to your ex. If your ex still has feelings for you then there is a very good chance that they will be panicked into preempting any possibility of you hooking up with someone else.

Knock Knock, Who's There?

Did your ex physically show up at your doorstep because he/she was "in the neighborhood", or they "thought they left something behind" at your place? It doesn't get any more blatant than this, if your ex really wanted you out of their life then there is NO WAY they would show up on your doorstep. The simple fact of the matter is your ex is fishing for excuses to see you, any excuse will do, however idiotic it may sound. Your ex needs to gauge your reaction, they want to see how you receive them when they show up unannounced. The key in this situation is not to appear over-excited, be friendly, but not too friendly.

Your Ex Is Always On Your Side

Does your ex take your side in arguments you have with other people in your life? If the answer to this question is yes then that is a very clear signal that your ex still has feelings for you. Backing each other up is one of the main factors of a relationship. The fact that your ex backs you up is a sign that despite the breakup he/she is still in relationship mode.

Your Ex Pops Up In Your Social Circle

Does your ex just happen to be in the same social venues as you? Your ex may put this down to mere coincidence or that you share mutual friends. Do not believe it, if your ex really didn't want to see you then he/she would do everything in their power not to. Sure, it can be put down to coincidence once, maybe twice, but if it is a regular occurrence then you can be sure that it is not just mere coincidence.

You should study your ex in these social situations, is he/she lurking in your general area? Is your ex looking over to see what you are doing and who you are talking to? Does he/she act weird if you interact with a member of the opposite sex? These are all signs that your ex just can't let go of you. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

What Do I Do Now?

Now that you understand the basics of your ex's feelings, you will have to look into them a little more deeply to ascertain how they really feel. These aren't all the signs ex still likes you, there are many more to look out for. Know where you stand, that is key if you want to win your ex back.

Avoiding the common break up mistakes that people make after a break up is also crucial in having a successful reunion with your ex. Most of us have no clue that were are even doing anything wrong - that is why you have to make yourself aware of these things or your ex will view you as CRAZY!

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