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Does My Ex Still Think About Me? - Find Out Here
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Does My Ex Still Think About Me?  -  Find Out Here

It is normal to ask yourself " does my ex still think about me?" after a break up. You are curious about your ex's state of mind and wondering if they have moved on completely. This is even more true if you are hopeful to get back together later on down the road.

Maybe you are currently feeling as if your ex has moved on completely and that you are largely forgotten. Not everything is as it seems though. After break ups people tend to pretend that everything is alright and that they do not need you anymore. This is only bravado and you know it.

To find out if your ex is still thinking about you after the break up, you need to take a few things into consideration. Answer the questions below honestly and you will arrive at a much more accurate answer. If your ex is still thinking about you they will exhibit certain behavioural traits that are obvious. You will have to dig farther for other signs.

How Long Ago Did You Break Up?

If your break up was in the recent past then it is more than likely that your ex is still thinking about you. You want these thoughts to be positive in nature of course. If your ex is still thinking negatively about you then you are scuppered and there will be little chance of you both getting back together.

It is common for someone to think about their ex weeks and months after the break up. Sometimes years go by and they still can't get their ex out of their head. Every situation is different. If you are still thinking about your ex then it is very possible that they are still thinking about you and wondering what you are up to now.

If your break up was years ago then your ex probably doesn't think about you that much anymore. They will more than likely have moved on with someone else and made new memories. That is why it is so important to act when your ex is still missing you if getting them back is your goal.

How Much Contact Do You Have With Your Ex?

If your ex is trying to contact you regularly or making any kind of effort to stay in touch, you can rest assured that they are still thinking about you a lot. They might even be hoping for a reconciliation too and this is why they are leaving communication channels open. When you cross your ex's mind they will naturally lift the phone or email you to see how you are.

Also look at how they communicate with you. Are they caring or do they take the time to ask about your life? Do they genuinely seem to care about how you are feeling? It is much more likely that your ex is thinking about you a lot when they ask more personal questions. If your ex was not thinking of you then they would not necessarily bother keeping in touch or taking an interest in your life.

Does Your Ex Remember Special Dates?

A huge giveaway that your ex is still thinking about you is when they remember special occasions. If you receive a Happy Birthday text, phone call or card then you are obviously on your ex's mind and they are reaching out to you. Likewise, if your ex is still thinking about you often they will remind you of anniversary dates or talk about when you first got together.

An even bigger gieaway is when your ex brings up a certain date that you had forgotten. Maybe they remind you that on your third date you went somewhere and you said something. These are very fine details that demonstrate how much your ex is thinking about you and your past. This kind of behaviour is positive if you want to be with your ex romantically again, so watch out for this from your ex.

Why Your Ex Is Still Thinking About You

As human beings we form attachments that are extremely difficult to break. These attachments are even stronger when you are romantically involved with someone. If you were together for a long time then your ex is naturally going to think about you often - it would be strange if they didn't. Obviously your ex is not going to admit to this - why would they? They have their egos and feelings to protect and don't want to risk rejection from you.

If your relationship was a happy one then they will be thinking back to all of the good times that you shared together. Something will happen during the day that will remind them of you and they will catch themselves daydreaming about the past. After time, the more negative aspects of your break up will be forgotten and your ex will start remembering the good times. This is the way the human brain works.

The likelihood is that you will pop into their head numerous times in the day. Remember that you were a huge part of your ex's life and that you spent a lot of time together. When you take that away your ex will be experiencing a sense of loss and be curious about how you are coping. If you want to get your ex back then it is important that you act during this window of opportunity. The longer you leave things, the more likely it is that your ex will get used to you not being in their life anymore and accept it. After this point it will become more and more difficult to win your ex back.

Your Next Steps

Now that you understand that your ex is probably thinking about you as much as you are thinking about them, it is time to act. You want to encourage your ex to make a move or pursue you again without being obvious about it. To make your ex want you it will be necessary to implement certain attraction techniques to ignite their desire for you again.

You also need to delve deeper into how they are actually feeling about you now. There are signs ex still loves you, research them and look out for them to know where you really stand with your ex.

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