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Dwayne Wade On Relationships
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Dwayne Wade on Relationships

Ask any couple what their two biggest needs are and they might say having someone supportive to communicate with and someone who make them feel worthy. Problems in relationships don't usually attack us head on, they sneak in the back door when we avoid honest communication.

Mr. Dwayne Wade, of the Miami Heat, was recently on the Jay Leno show and quoted, "Celebrity relationships are 'very hard'." New flash to D Wade.. ALL relationships are very hard. In order for Mr. Wade to succeed in his relationship with Gabrielle Union he will have to approach their relationship like he approach the game of basketball, practice and communication.

The first thing Dwayne Wade did before he won his first championship was commit to getting better. He made sure he was the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. He consistently worked on his mid-range game, free-throws and rebounding, knowing it's takes mastering fundamentals to win championships. It's the same in relationships.

The fundamentals of relationships are sharing your innermost thoughts and feeling. Most men need comforted and reminded about but it's something, Mr. Wade already practice. He said with his injury and trying to win another Championship it was hard on his relationship so he needed to get back to the fundamentals. They both agree wanting their relationship to work and get better. They understands every relationship has its challenges.

When we practice communication we can work through hardships. Communication gives us a close intimate feeling that help us stand the toughest of times and teach us to trust. Dwayne Wade and LeBron James have such a relationship. Their communication on the court isn't always vocal sometimes it's a look. It's the reason they won back-to-back champions. Dwayne is building that same trust of communication with Gabrielle.

Having strong principles and values Dwayne is vulnerable to others. Beside being jealousy of his two championship, Dwayne's successful relationship might cause people's interest in his private life, causing him to feel that celebrity relationships are 'very hard.' But with his experience of going through tough times on the basketball court and coming out as a champ, he can apply those same perseverance skills to his relationship.

As a Lakers fan I have respect for "D" Wade. I've been his fan since he was a star at Marquette University. I understand playing basketball is the most physically exhausting job he'll ever do, spending his time in the gym and his time away on the road. I also understand that relationships are mentally exhausting as well, and take the same hard work and dedication to make it successful. With both practice and communication, I believe Dwayne Wade will become a champ in that area as well..

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