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Ex Girlfriend Dating Someone New? You Can Still Get Her Back
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Ex Girlfriend Dating Someone New? You Can Still Get Her Back

If your goal is to get back together with your ex girlfriend, you may be extremely heartbroken if you find out your ex is already dating a new man. Finding that out can be a massive blow to your self-esteem and your ability to cope with the breakup... but it's not a blow to your chances of winning back your ex girlfriend's heart. In fact, your ex's new man may actually help you win her back!

That may sound completely counter-intuitive, but the reality is this: any new man your ex girlfriend finds in the wake of breaking up with you (in the first month after you breakup) is almost certainly a 'rebound'. A 'rebound' relationship is a superficial relationship that is usually based on physical attraction, not true love or a meaningful connection.

A rebound relationship is one that your ex girlfriend would jump into quickly, without really considering the guy she's chosen to be with and whether he's right for her. The only goal of this new 'rebound' relationship is for her to cover up the pain and heartbreak she's feeling after you and her broke up. By leaning on this new man as a crutch, she can mask the feelings and take her mind off of you and your past relationship.

However, because your ex girlfriend has jumped into a relationship with this 'rebound' guy without much thought or without really taking time to ensure he's compatible with her, it's almost certain that their relationship will end quickly. Most rebound relationships end within a month or so, and those that last longer are usually doomed to fail eventually.

So, how does this help you? Well, think about it this way: you and your ex girlfriend obviously had some degree of compatibility. In fact, if you're trying to get back together with her, you're probably very compatible and very good for one another. That's a rare thing, and she's almost certainly not interested in this new guy the way she was interested in you.

Once her rebound ends and she cuts ties with this new dude, she'll start to realize how much better for her you were than this rebound guy. In contrast to him, you'll look like a shining knight and she will almost certainly have doubts about her decision to end the relationship with you. Don't forget, your ex girlfriend is just like you: she doesn't want to feel lonely and heartbroken, and for her you're definitely a much better option than the guy she was with as a rebound.

In the week or two after she breaks up with Mr Rebound, you can begin to re-establish the lines of communication with your ex and begin to show her signs of why you and her were right together. Don't tell her that you want to get back together, just slowly re-introduce yourself as Mr Right (in stark contrast to her rebound man, who was probably a loser anyway). Eventually, you'll be able to fully seduce her and begin a new and (hopefully) healthier relationship.

It's important not to move in too quickly, as your ex girlfriend will need time to think about what she's lost and why she was in love with you to begin with. Start all discussions in a casual manner when you re-connect with her, don't mention anything about your desire to get back together with her, and you'll see that slowly her rebound guy will fade from memory... and, if you play your cards, right, be replaced by you.

Just remember that despite the fact that her dating a new guy may be painful, it's very likely an advantage for you if you're trying to get your ex back. Best of luck!

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