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Free Online Relationship Advice
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Free Online Relationship Advice

Relationships can be hard work!

Lets be honest about this, at times they can definitely feel that way! Even if the majority of the time spent together so far has been great fun, with plenty of laughs and jokes, all couples eventually end up going through a particularly tough period. It all depends on how they cope with, or handle these rough patches that defines whether the couple become a stronger unit, or start to see cracks appearing in the bond they have. Getting some good advice at these points could pay off dividends for the future.

Did You Google It?

Getting on Google and looking for some free online relationship advice is probably what's brought you here and all credit to you for taking that first step. It's not easy admitting you need a helping hand to get you through this rough spot and there's certainly no shame in that. If anything it shows maturity and a level headedness that's missing from a lot of relationships these days. People would sooner put on a front and pretend everything's just fine and sweep their true feelings under the carpet.

They Can Be So Alien!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, so this would make perfect sense! It's true that men and women can sometimes alienate themselves from the opposite sex and create confusion. It seems to be in our nature and I'm sure there are very specific practical and scientific reasons as to why we appear so different sometimes. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert in that area however, if you're conflicting with your partner in your relationship, rest assured you can definitely find resolutions to those issues.


If it seems like you're relationship has become confrontational and you feel like you're arguing more than ever, these tips can help eliminate some of the conflict you're both feeling. Learning how to deal with conflict in a relationship, rather than avoiding it is crucial. You can turn the situation around and learn to use it as an opportunity or a positive, rather than the negative you've been used to.

Cool Off

If it's getting heated, back away from the argument and cool off for a little while. Don't try and shout louder to get your point across, as it'll only inflame the situation. Once you're feeling calmer, try to approach the situation from a more understanding angle and really try to listen to the needs of the other person. Sometimes these needs won't be spoken, so you'll have to look for some non-verbal clues. Tone, facial expressions, posture, gesture and pace are all indicators. Look for the unsaid, listen for what is felt. You will connect more deeply this way and understand them better.

It's Not Always About Winning!

Strengthening the relationship, and resolving the conflict should be your priority. Keep focussed on those and you're on to a winning formula. Really try to grasp what is causing them so much frustration and see if you can find the root cause and accept that this is how they feel. Be respectful to their point of view and ave a think if there's anything that you could do in order to help them. Be willing to forgive and know when to let something go. Pick your battles!

Be aware of your own feelings and communicate your needs clearly in a calm and rational manner. If you can both try to do this more often, you'll really start to see the difference in your arguments. You'll also get to know them better as you'll be picking up non-verbal cues which perhaps you didn't really take notice of before.

If It Went Too Far

If it went too far and the relationship ended when you didn't really want it to, it may not be permanent. It's possible to reconnect with your ex partner and get them back should you wish to do so. It's all about using the right techniques and getting a helping hand.

Heated arguments don't mean you actually hate the person or that they hate you, it just shows that you're both passionate. Passion is exactly what you need for a healthy relationship. Many people confuse this.

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. If you didn't care about arguing with the person, that's when the passion has died and you would struggle to have a lasting relationship. If you both still argue despite splitting up, there's every chance this online relationship advice could get you back together.

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