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Get Back An Ex Boyfriend Using Your Past History Together
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Get Back An Ex Boyfriend Using Your Past History Together

Loving your ex even after a breakup is a difficult position in which to find yourself. You've probably tried everything at your disposal to re-establish a connection. You've sent emails and texts. You've probably even tried giving your ex the silent treatment. Nothing has worked out to your advantage and you're no closer to getting your ex back than you were when you broke up in the first place. Where do you go now? Which direction is best in your situation? What if you make a mistake? Is it already too late?

All these questions are probably circling around your head and you're at a loss. The biggest question is weighing heavily on your mind - is there a way to spark your ex's interest again without making a fool of yourself in the process?

You're looking for the answers in all the wrong places. The solution has been staring you in the face every time you look in the mirror, and you never even considered the possibility. What drove you two together in the first place? You have a shared history together, and there is every reason to believe that bringing that history to life can successfully recreate the spark that you used to share. If you exercise caution, there is no reason to think that your ex won't be just as drawn to you as he used to be. Getting back an ex boyfriend is simple if you start to use your mind in a different way, when things finally open up for you, you will wonder why you didn't do these things before.

Understand Your Ex's Current Position

Your ex-boyfriend didn't just end things with you on a whim. He had his reasons - regardless of how silly those reasons may seem to you. Any attempt you made to reason with him or to get him to reconsider his position fell on deaf ears. You never give him a valid explanation for why staying with you would make anything any different than the way things were. He had no logical expectation that anything between you would change.

Most women make a crucial mistake at this point. They are so wrapped up in their own emotions that they never stop to think what's going on in the mind of their ex. What you need to do is pause for a moment and intentionally change your perspective. Look at the big picture and think of things from your ex's point of view. Only then can you truly understand the error in his thinking.

Recreate Your Spark

Relationships often change over time, and those changes can lead to a breakup over time. Changes are a natural part of the passing of time but it can also drastically impact the dynamic in a romantic relationship and that can be hard to accept. Attraction is based largely on the allure of the unknown. Exploring the differences and similarities between you was exciting and it fostered a certain intensity that was always present underneath the surface.

That feeling of intense excitement is what you need to harness in order to get back an ex-boyfriend. You can trigger those feelings in him again- chances are that they're still there, buried underneath the surface. Bringing them to the surface doesn't have to be a hard challenge. If you can successfully recapture the initial scenarios that brought you together, he will not only want to be with you again but he will absolutely have to. The attraction is critical to achieve prior to thinking a romance is possible. If you make your move before that attraction can be revitalized your efforts are doomed to fail.

What worked at the start of your relationship will work again. The challenge is to figure out what those things were and then alter any of your traits that may have shifted throughout the natural course of your dating relationship.

After you think you have the answers, the next part is putting it into practice. You need to have a set plan in place that can help you accomplish your goal - and just making snap decisions on the fly isn't going to cut it. You need to know how to approach him, how to express yourself effectively and when you should approach him. You should also be consciously aware of how you're behaving and modify those actions in his presence.

Ignite His Desire

You already have a head start in this process that no one else can have. You have an entire relationship of memories that the two of you created together, and nothing can replace those memories. The longer you spent together, the bigger a bank of memories you have to utilize to your advantage. All you need to do now is find the well of your ex's emotions and learn to access it correctly. This is how to get back an ex boyfriend without losing your self respect.

If you can successfully find the answers to the things he's drawn to the most, you can recreate specific scenarios that will instantly transport him back in time and make him feel the way he used to. The way he sees you will change, but it's not instantaneous. You have to be willing to be patient and allow that nagging thought in the back of his mind to grow into a full-blown idea. Then his emotions will come into play, and pretty soon he'll be begging for the chance to be with you again.

Next Steps

Gaining his attraction again is a crucial part of this whole process. Without that, none of your other attempts will make any headway. You'll just be treading water in an already stagnant pool of water. Don't leave it up to chance and just try to play things by ear. You need to know all the right moves before you make them and you need to have a concrete plan in place.

You need to foster that longing that he still has for you and make him miss you in his life. This longing is the trigger that will make him want to apologize and make everything right again. You need to remind him cleverly how good a partner you were without slapping him with the realization off the bat. You need to stick to your guns and settle in for the long haul - this process can take some time but it's worth it if you're patient.

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