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Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - Learn How It's Done
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Get My Ex Boyfriend Back  -  Learn How It\'s Done

Although breakups are never easy or pleasant, they don't have to be the end of the story. Lots of people reconnect with their exes every day. The key to success is to avoid a lot of negative behaviors commonly associated with the process of breaking up - and the fallout that happens afterwards. It's vital to choose your path carefully. Unlike many other life lessons that pop up throughout the course of your life, a mistake here could definitively ruin your chances. By following the three steps below, you are giving yourself the best chance possible to "get my ex boyfriend back" - and avoiding the stigmatism of being a "crazy ex" entirely.

Step 1 - Avoid a Messy Scene:

A lot of breakups tend to look like the results of a bomb blast. Pieces of strewn everywhere and both people leave hurt, confused and angry. While a mess may seem inevitable, it doesn't have to be that way. There are two steps to avoiding a messy scene at the end of a relationship.

Firstly, you need to honestly examine the reality of the situation. It's easy to slip into denial - you think that the breakup is just a temporary glitch in the plan and that you're going to be back together before you can turn around. Denial may be a handy and common defense mechanism but it's not one that's going to get you anywhere in the long run. For now, you need to realize that your relationship is over. You can plan for the future later - after you and your ex have gotten back together.

Secondly, you need to eliminate all contact with your ex-boyfriend. That means no midnight texts, no random emails, no voicemails, no notes taped to his windshield, no breaking into his apartment - nothing. This period of zero contact needs to last for substantially longer than an hour or two. Your best bet is to steer clear of him for about a month. This may seem like an impossible task, but it does get easier as time passes. When you're not constantly in his face, he's going to miss having you around. Your disappearance makes him start to think about things differently and in turn, he's going to start thinking about you differently as well.

Step 2 - Fine-Tune Your Rough Edges:

Relationships have a tendency to make you feel comfortable and while comfort is typically considered a bonus, it can have some negative aspects as well. How many times did you slack off on going to the gym because you'd rather go home and watch a movie with your boyfriend? How many times did you have to decline an invite from a friend because you and your ex already made other plans?

Now is the time to make the most of your free time and pick up the slack on things that you've been neglecting. Get a group of girlfriends together to hit up the gym more often. Go for walks around the neighborhood. Finish that book or project that you've wanted to do. Keeping busy is essential to successfully keeping away from your ex and physical activity has been proven time and time again to relieve stress, tension and depression - and it makes you look amazing in the process.

Step 3 - Rely on Friends and Family:

Turning into a hermit in your living room is not the most positive approach to life imaginable - although in this situation it's a normal one. No one says that you have to go through this process alone. Even though you're keeping your distance from your ex, you don't have to be isolated. What do you think friends are for? Get out there and reconnect with your closest friends - or make new ones. Not only can they keep your mind occupied, they can help you avoid temptation to make contact with your ex and even make you forget that you wanted to.

If you're wondering how following these steps is going to 'get my ex boyfriend back', you'd be surprised. They are designed to provoke a response - without requiring you to give up your self-respect in the process. By keeping your distance and focusing on yourself for a while, your ex is going to notice that you haven't been hounding him and that will make him wonder why. Once his curiosity is piqued, he's going to wonder if you're over him and if you've already managed to get over your relationship.

These key factors will prompt him to reach out and establish contact first. When you respond with your new, positive attitude, his head is going to be spinning - and he's going to find you more attractive than ever. By putting the focus on yourself instead of him, you're putting the ball in his court and make it much easier to get him back again. By refusing to chase after him for a second chance, you're going to be on his mind - and from there it's just a matter of keeping your cool while he turns on the charm all over again.

Your Next Steps

The 'getting my ex boyfriend back' road is a tough one to walk and you have to be prepared for some ups and downs along the way. That being said, there are some additional things that you can do to ensure that your journey is more successful. First you have to understand the male psyche and why making these break up mistakes will make your ex boyfriend see you in negative terms.

You should also be aware of the real way that he feels about you now. Be on the look out for signs he still loves you. If you can get beneath all of the pretense and read his body language, you will speed up the reconciliation process considerably.

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