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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Last Phase
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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back  -  Last Phase

Hello there girl. You are in the last phase of how to get your ex boyfriend back.

• Saying those words - “we should give it a second chance": You have had three successful short hang out with him, and you have had a couple of dates by now. So you need to put the icing on the cake now.

You don’t just say like “Hey we should give it a second chance”. That will sound very desperate. But you need to feed this to him.

You can do it two ways.

• While you go out on a date in a public place, make him notice a nice couple roaming next to you. Say,” They look so cute together, don’t they? You know what; we were cute together too. Didn’t we also make a great couple together?"

• Privately, when you are sitting down with each other, or talking over the phone, raise the topic, ”Didn’t we make an awesome couple”? Not abruptly, analysis the situation and find a suitable time to say it. Sitting there, there is a possibility that the answer is “yes” or “no”. So, before you ask them this matter, you should first give them a good mood by talking a little, build the atmosphere and then ask them “We were a great couple, didn’t we?”

Now as soon as you have asked him this, it will strike his mind and is going to make him think. Firstly, you have already been driving his mind into a positive state for the reason that you guys have already in progress about contacting and meeting each other; going out on outings and dates and so on. So, when you questioned him about this, he cannot avoid it, he has to say yes or no. And if he says yes “Yeah I think so, we’ve been a great couple together”.

Then you ask him “Maybe we should think about getting back together?”

Now see, if he said yes to the first question, then he should also say yes to the following question, because the first question had built up a positive state of mind. First, you get your ex boyfriend to say yes for once, so characteristically, the situation persuades him to say yes again. When you asked them “Didn’t we also make a great couple together?" It will find out whether he just wants to carry this out as just friendship with you, or he really wants to get back together and have a fresh start.

Now, if you have noticed while you’re getting into one phase from another, you’re being a little elusive and persuasive. You are not faking it of course, but placing everything into a system. The whole time, you have, make it look like your ex boyfriend that you are not trying to get back together. You are just having a good time, no deep thoughts.

If you try to put any kind of pressure on your ex while making these processes, your ex may feel strained, and there is a huge possibility that he will back off. For most of the cases, he might lose his entire interest in you once again. So keep it subtle and discreet.

What if his answer is a no: There is always a little possibility that he might say no to you. If he says no, that’s absolutely fine. It’s not a big deal. You have tried your best to get your ex boyfriend back, didn't you? Do not feel miserable. All those efforts you have made were really worth it. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, by this time, doing all this phases, you have also overcome the hopelessness and sadness for him.

This was a sample process of getting your ex boyfriend back after a break up. By now, I believe you are able to see a clear picture on how to approach your ex boyfriend after a break up. So hit the target Rambo, and I am leaving for today.

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