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Getting An Ex To Miss You - The Key To Getting Them Back
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Getting An Ex To Miss You  -  The Key To Getting Them Back

Whatever happened to the way things used to be? You remember that time when no amount of kisses seemed to be sufficient and every second you spent apart you wished you were together? It's easy to focus on everything that you enjoyed about being in a relationship, and it's natural to try to put the bad parts behind you in the process.

The reality of the matter is that no relationship is perfect all the time. You learned that particular lesson all too clearly when your ex decided to walk away. Since then, you've been plotting various means to get them to take you back. Truthfully, you may have missed an answer that was staring you in the face. Since it was less-than obvious to you, chances are good your ex isn't expecting it either - and that's going to make the difference in getting their attention and reclaiming their heart.

Why Missing You Is Important

When you miss someone, it highlights the good memories and minimalizes the bad. This phenomenon is present throughout many varying life experiences. At a ten year high school reunion, you reconnect with people that you couldn't stand while you were in school - but suddenly you're old friends. Breakups are no different. Time puts blinders on the past and gives people tunnel vision. This fact is typically overlooked in a breakup when you're so focused on getting your ex back you don't take the time to consider all of the possibilities. It's not your fault - people are simply engrained that way.

So you need to make your ex miss you, but it's not as easy as simply willing it into reality, is it? Clearly, in order to miss you, you need to put some distance between you and your ex. You also need to allow some time to heal, for both of you. While simply avoiding contact is a good starting plan, you're going to need a little bit more to put your plan into motion.

Get them To Miss the Person you Used to Be

If you don't know for certain what attracted your ex to you in the beginning, think back to what drew you to them instead. Were they always the life of the party? Could they turn an awkward situation around and make even the most serious personalities laugh? While opposites may attract, people are also drawn to those that exhibit similar characteristics. By recognizing bits of yourself in others, you're able to connect with them on a deeper, personal level.

The fact of the matter is that although your ex is missing you, they may not be missing the person they broke up with. They're more likely to miss the person that they remember - the one they fell in love with in the beginning before things took a hard left turn and ended up in disaster. Reconnecting with that person isn't as hard as it may seem. That person is still there - you may just have to crack the surface to bring them back to light and enhance those qualities that made you uniquely you.

Bring the Past to Life Again

Just because the honeymoon phase of your relationship eventually faded into reality doesn't mean that it's gone for good. You can reclaim that reality and make it a part of the present. It doesn't have to just be a thing of the past, and it doesn't have to turn into a situation where you feel like the past is gone for good.

You and your ex share a lot of memories together, and they're going to choose to focus on the memories that make them happy instead of the ones that were less positive overall. That actually works in your favor. Since you've evaluated your own growth and taken steps to take control over your present and future, you're able to present your ex with the complete picture when the time comes to finally reconnect.

You've done way too much work to take a back seat now. Believe it or not, the ball is in your court and you're in the perfect position to hit a home run. Take a deep breath and have some confidence in yourself. It's easier to win an ex back than you may think - after all, they've already fallen for you once. There's no reason to think you can't make that happen again - especially with all the effort you've already incorporated into your plan.

What To Do Next

Knowing how to approach contact with your ex is extremely important. Jumping the gun is an easy thing to do in the aftermath of a breakup. You need to put yourself in a good position in order to win your ex back. Knowing the ins and outs of contact with your ex will help put you in that position.

Being able to read the signs that your ex gives off is also very important. If you can gain an insight into your ex's true feelings you will have a much better idea of when you should act and what those actions should be.

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