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Getting Back Your Ex When You Were The One Who Dumped Him
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What if you just made a huge mistake and jumped to conclusions about an unsubstantiated rumor that you heard from someone who you thought was your close friend concerning the man you love? The rumor is that your man slept with another woman…you confront him…you really lite into him because you can’t believe he would throw away everything the two of you had together and you dump him.

Now you’ve had a chance to cool down and you find out that your so-called friend started this rumor for her own petty jealous reasons and that it was nothing more than an outright lie. You and your ex have been deeply in love for quite some time and it was in the cards for the two of you to be married and raise a family together. Now you’re thinking “what have I done”? “He didn’t do it”

You realize he didn’t do it and you want him back but you don’t want to grovel, you still want to maintain face. You call him up and try to explain but he can’t believe that you didn’t trust him enough to give him the benefit of the doubt and he’s in no forgiving mood. You realize this will be no easy task to get him back and it will take all your charms.

One way to start is that you could write him a letter taking responsibility for what happened, and apologize for not having more faith in him, explain that you love him so much that you couldn’t bear the idea of him being with another woman. Remind him of all the wonderful times you had together and that you don’t want throw all of that away. And that now you know the truth the thought of losing him forever is just unacceptable.

Once you mail your letter then the next thing you do is wait…I know but it is the smartest thing you could do. Let him think about it…he’s hurt and that’s for real but if you give him the space and the time to reflect and lick his wounds he’ll realize that he does still love you and that he really wants you back in his life.

Getting your ex back after dumping him like that won’t be an easy thing to do but you can do it. You will have to start over in the trust department…he won’t forget that you dumped him over just a rumor so easily. But can you blame him for that? You made the mistake…you have to fix it. But if the two of you love each other enough then anything is possible.

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