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How Can I Get My Ex To Miss Me After We Broke Up?
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How Can I Get My Ex To Miss Me After We Broke Up?

You and your ex used to be nearly inseparable. When you were apart, all you could think about was being together. You looked forward to every shared moment you got to spend and life seemed full of rainbows and sunshine.

That's before reality kicked you in the butt and your ex broke up with you. You've been practically obsessed ever since, trying to find any way possible to win back their heart. All hope isn't lost - you do have a chance to turn things around. You have to know the right moves to make, and you have to do it quickly if you're going to have a shot.

Getting Your Ex To Miss You Requires Strategic Moves

Think about what's happened since the breakup. How have you reacted? Have you given your ex some room to breathe or have you sent them countless messages or questioned their motives? It's easy to focus on your own emotions right now - usually the dumped party feels victimized or betrayed by the person who left them. Your emotions, however, are not the only ones in play. Believe it or not, your ex is going through a lot of the same feelings, and they have to be considered before you can make your move.

It's highly probable that no amount of conversation right now is going to win back your ex's heart. There's simply not a magic formula of things to say in the correct order to break the barrier that currently exists between you. Before your ex can start rethinking the breakup, they have to have the chance to think - and that means giving them some space to adjust to their new reality. To put it all out in the open, they need to recognize that they miss you before you have a chance of scoring a second chance.

Remembering Your Initial Interactions

When you remember the time that you and your ex spent discovering each other at the beginning of your relationship, some things instantly start to become apparent. You felt like an explorer of sorts - there was this whole other person that you were creating a connection with and you couldn't get enough of your time together.

Did you go overboard to support your ex through current challenges in their path? Did you make an effort to go above and beyond the call of duty? Did you have all the answers they were looking for without even having to think about it? This is the version of you that's on their mind and if you want to quickly turn the tables, getting back to this stage of your relationship is the way to do it.

You're understandably distant from the witty, humorous and compassionate person that your ex is spending time remembering now. The breakup wore you down and ate away at your already rough edges. It's all you can do to crawl out of the bed in the morning, but you're still somehow making it through the day. That's the person that they see in reality now, and unfortunately perception goes a long way towards making an impression.

Recreate the Dream

You can get things back to the positive side with a lot of hard work. You don't want to underestimate the challenges ahead of you and lose steam halfway through the process. Instead of giving up and giving in to the overwhelming negatives facing you in your quest, you need to take control of the situation and drive things in a more positive overall direction.

The end goal is clear but the path to it is not as apparent. Clearly you'll need to reopen the lines of communication, but when you do it is just as important as how you put it into motion. You don't want to say the wrong thing at the right time or say the right thing at the wrong time and put an unnecessary speed bump in your way. Act intelligently and make sure that you're taking your ex's perspective into account - it's just as important as the way things really are when it comes down to it.

It would be a mistake to put all your eggs in your basket then throw the basket out with the trash. You want to propel yourself forward without overstepping your bounds. That's where you plan is going to come into play, and that plan is the most important piece of the puzzle. A sound plan is worth more than a frenzy of failed attempts. Not only will it make you appear more confident and be in control, it's going to boost your own image and allow you to move forward steadily towards the goal of a renewed and revitalized overall relationship.

What To Do Next

Getting your ex to miss you is actually quite simple, you just have to understand about the psychology of the opposite sex. To win your ex back you first have to understand why you were dumped. Your ex was probably not completely honest with you about the real reasons behind their decisions. You have to be able to get to grips with reality if you are to change how your ex views you and to stop making the same mistakes again. You should also be on the look out for signs your ex loves you. There will be subtle hints that will give away how they really feel.

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