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How To Find People Online
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How to Find People Online

There are many different ways on how to find people online. However, some methods are better than others depending on your situation. You may be searching for a long lost friend from high school or college, someone you admired from camp or a vacation. You may want to find them for continued friendship or a possible future life together. I would like to go over some tips that may help you locate a person through online or offline techniques.

Many of us already know that we can sign up for Facebook or other social sites to find people online. In a lot of cases this is one of the easiest ways to locate a person. Even if the person is moving around the country or the world, their social network page is still available to make contact. But my guess is that you have already tried this route and need new leads to find your person.

Have you tried the big search engines such as Google and Yahoo? You may get lucky and get a hit with one of these search engines. Of course, Google is the big dog in this category. You will want to place quotes around the name of the person you are looking for in the search box. Also, use their nick name or shortened form of their name. Yahoo has a people search engine that is available to use if you have no luck with Google.

What if you get a hit, but the information is old? If you find an old address for the person, then do a reverse search of the address to get a phone number of the current resident. Give them a call and find out if they knew the person and if they said where they were moving to. If this pinpoints a state or city, you will be able to do some more refined people searches through a local directory such as the Yellow Pages online.

Another way on how to find people online includes further offline investigations with people from school and/or where you met the person. Continue with your search through the social sites and online searches discussed above with the next closest person you can think of who would know the individual you are looking for. It is said that there are six degrees of separation when linking to others. This secondary person may be your link to the one you want or another individual that can assist you. Don't be afraid to ask for help, unless there is a hidden agenda that may make it difficult.

Hopefully this information helped in giving ideas to move forward on how to find someone. Good luck in your search.

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There are some special sites available which provide online public records. Social media sites do not promise to search record, because if the person is not using those social sites then he will be not be there. So the online public records sites are more beneficial than others.

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