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How To Fix A Broken Releationship And Get Back Your Ex
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How To Fix A Broken Releationship And Get Back Your Ex

If you're now dealing with the aftermath of your relationship breakup and are desperately trying to make sense of your life again, you're not alone. This is incredibly common when you lose someone you hold dear. It's a trying time in anyone's life and getting back to how you were can seem like a huge undertaking.

First off, you're probably left feeling heartbroken and emotionally drained and wondering why after all the time you spent together, they decided to do what they did to end the relationship. Well there are myriad reasons that could explain their feelings in this situation and if it helps you to understand and cope a little better, it's definitely worth doing some research on the top reasons for why people end their relationships.

Next I'd hazard a guess that you're struggling to be apart from them and try to get in contact with them or at least find out what they're up to on a fairly frequent basis. They may have even told you they feel suffocated by you or they make excuses not to be around you. No doubt this makes you feel even worse. Well, this behaviour on your part is only human and unfortunately doesn't do anything to help your situation. It probably just pushes them away. Especially if you get angry or upset when you do speak to them.

The way to start getting what you want and fix your broken relationship actually starts with you. It has to start with how you're feeling and improving your current situation. You might be thinking, "yeah, no sh**!" That's ok to feel like that… i did! But do you know how to create the environment you need to help yourself and start feeling better? I'm guessing not and that's probably the main reason your reading this article. Well, the answer is actually counter intuitive and does go against your natural instinct to want to be closer to your ex. In fact, it's all about getting distance from your ex and starting out on your own.

Now you might be thinking, what am I talking about, surely they'll slip even further away from me if I create any more distance between us. Well, that's not strictly true, see, you were both a big part of each others lives and because of all the experiences you shared in the good times, they'll still have

a big connection with you (I know this isn't immediately obvious). You won't be distancing yourself so much as putting them to one side for a bit, whilst you get back on your feet.

This now becomes all about you and not them. Your focus has to be on yourself and other things in your life (not them). This is all for a very good reason. You will remove the focus of your thoughts and feelings from them and replace them with other more positive ones about you and other things.

These might be new activities, interests, hobbies, new people, old friends, family, things you always wanted to try and never did when you were in the relationship. Catch up with friends you haven't seen for a while, try something completely new and exciting. Get the old you back. Get the you back that people find attractive. Start learning new things and expand your repertoire. Add a new dimension to your character and personality.

After a while you'll begin to gain back your confidence and have fun again and enjoy yourself as you should. The pain will melt away and you'll have other distractions to keep you occupied. The point being, you'll arrive at a place where you're no longer feeling desperate or obsessive about them. You'll have a life again and you'll be having fun!

At this point, it may have been a while since you saw or heard from them and you may find they'll actually be the ones contacting you and not the other way around. You'll have given them time to miss you…. and that's the key! When you smother them with texts, calls or by constantly seeing them, you're not giving them any time to miss you and remind themselves of fond memories or the fun you had. You'll be creating a void in their hearts where you used to be and they'll notice it and begin to think of you.

It's entirely possible to create the exact circumstances for this chain of events to occur in your own life and I'm someone who implemented those techniques and advice to make it work in mine. If you want the same step-by-step guide from someone who's helped over 50,000 people across the world, you can implement the same techniques in your life to fix your broken relationship too.

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