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How To Get Him Interested Again
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So you feel some distance and you are wondering how to get him interested again.  Maybe he stopped calling and texting or maybe he just disappeared.  You are wondering what happened and how to get his interest back.  First it is important to understand what you could have done to cause him to lose interest in the first place.  Guys don't just lose interest for no reason.

Women often do the opposite of what works to get his interest back.  They start thinking of what they can do to make him like her more.  This doesn't work.  You can take him lunch, you can do his laundry, or try to help make his life easier in many ways.  Some women start contacting him more at this point fearing if they don't he will forget them.  These things don't work and in fact they push him further away.  Doing more for him will not get his interest back.  If you are one of these giving women, this makes them feel pressure.  He starts to feel obligated because he often assumes that if you are this giving, you will expect it in return and that is a lot to live up too.

Another thing women do to kill a man's interest is to start talking when he starts going into his cave.  They start asking is everything okay.  Did I do something wrong sort of thing. This tells the man you aren't secure in the relationship.  This is the second biggest mistake women make that leaves them wondering how to get his interest back.  Men don't want to talk about love, they just want to fall into it naturally without having to explain their feelings. 

If you want his interest back, your best bet is to do nothing.  That's right, nothing.  Guys get attached in their imaginations.  This is where they fall for you.  If you are doing all of these things, his imagination has no room to wonder about you.  Mysterious women are very attractive to men.  By doing so much for him you are not being mysterious.  He knows he has you and you lose your edge of a challenge. 

If you are doing nothing when it comes to him, it takes the pressure off of him.  He feels safer to reach back out to you.  It also sparks his imagination back up.  He wonders.  What is she doing.  Maybe she wasn't that into me after all.  Maybe she has met someone else.  Competition does a man good.  Men will imagine the worst, it's human nature.  This can inspire him to reach back out to you again.  How you respond when he does reach out to you will determine if he stays interested or not.

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