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How To Get My Ex Back - Win Your Ex Back Without Making Anymore Mistakes
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Has your relationship suddendly ended and you are left wondering how to get my ex back? Do you really want to win your ex back and you just don't know what do to in this time of heart ache? There is a reason why you and your ex were in a relationship and did shared strong feelings for each other. By keeping your emotions in check you can save your relationship and win back your ex.

Without a doubt your are feeling some pretty strong feelings. You might be sad one moment and mad the next. You may be confused and feeling lost but understand that this is normal. No matter what the reason for the sudden end to your relationship this can be reversed. However you have to make sure that while you do try to win your ex back, you don't push them away. What you do next could be the difference between getting back together or never seeing your ex again.

You wanted to know how to get my ex back, right? Well listen up, get a pen with paper and copy the following down do you don't forget.

1) Win your ex back without damaging an already sensitvie senario - OK, it might make sense to leave lots of messages or text your ex every minute but this is something you need to avoid. You want to know how to get my ex back, correct? Then texting or calling over and over is not the way. Show your ex that you are repectful of what has happened by repecting their desicion not to call or talk to you right away. Allow time for feelings to settle because you don't want to say something you don't mean in a time of high emotion.

2) Give your ex and you space - You might not feel it at the moment but you also need space from the situtaion. Avoid contact and calls from your ex. Don't read emails or texts if you can avoid it. At this very moment you want to have a clear mind. Feelings will cloud your judjment and cause you to make sudden or irrational decisions. This could jepardize your chance to win your ex back for good. Keep contact to a minamum if possible.

3) Don't get jealous or be sacastic - Jealously is a sign of weakness. Your ex does not want someone who is crying and asking "why" the breakup happened so don't do this. Talk to friends if you need support or talk to your parents. Talk to anyone you can vent to who is not your ex. This will help relave stress and offer insight from a different prepective. Remember that sarcasim is jealosys angry cousin, so keep both of these in check. If you find out that your ex is seeing or on a date with someone else then make sure you talk to someone about how this makes you feel. Keeping your feelings bottled up will only cause you to dispies your ex. No relationship can ever recover when animossity is shared.

Why did my ex break up with me? Don't they love me?

90% of all relationships end because of something other then love. Your ex may still love you but has a problem with something else. This could be something you might be able to easily fix and get them back. Letting your ex see what they gave up can make them realize that they made the mistake to breakup with your.

Learning how to get my ex back is not hard. The hard part is keeping your feelings and actions in check. This will be the biggest test for you but if you keep a clear mind and watch what you say, then you are giving yourself the best chance on how to win your ex back.

Thanks for reading!

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