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How To Get Your Ex Back When They Are Not Interested
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How To Get Your Ex Back When They Are Not Interested

The aftermath of an unwanted breakup is always an extremely traumatic time. You just don't know what to do next, everything is up in the air. Every day just blends into the next, you just feel like curling up into a ball and shutting out the world. The anguish that you are feeling is normal. The pain of a broken heart is real.

Do not despair, things are not as bad as you may think they are right now. Everything looks bleak now because the frame of mind that you are in. Things can, and will improve. If you really want to want to win your ex back you will first have to snap yourself out of the mindset that you are in. If you spend your days feeling sorry for yourself then you will not make any progress towards getting the person that you love back into your life.

You need to tell yourself that you can get the job done. Motivation is key, you will have to motivate yourself and be proactive in order to get your ex back. Rome wasn't built in a day, a broken relationship can not be put back together overnight.

The Breakup From Your Ex's Point Of View

You can not just look at things from one angle, in order to win your ex back you will have to make a conscious effort to view the situation from their perspective. The breakup may seem irreversible but believe me, it isn't. The fact that your ex is not talking to you right now does not mean that they have no feelings left for you. Your ex cannot turn his or her feelings off like a tap. Right now the likelihood is there is a battle going on in your ex's mind. They are trying to convince themselves that if they don't contact you they will be able to forget about you and "move on".

Never underestimate the power of denial, it can run deep. Your ex is in denial. Blanking you may seem cold and uncaring, but you have to remember that it is their way of dealing with the situation. In order to bring your ex's feelings for you back to light you will have to break down the walls that they have built up around them. Getting your ex to want you back again will be no easy task. That said, anything that you can get too easily probably isn't worth having.

The First Step Towards Winning Your Ex Back

In order to win your ex back you will first have to reopen the lines of communication. How will you do that? You have probably tried every means of contact to get back in touch with your ex, phone calls, texts, e-mails, Facebook, the works. STOP RIGHT NOW. Do not attempt to contact your ex in any way shape or form, this may seem like a contradiction, but it is the only way to get back in contact with your ex.

Drop off your ex's radar. When you suddenly halt all attempts to make contact your ex will wonder what is going on, it will be the last thing that they will expect you to do. When you are constantly pestering your ex you are not giving them the chance to miss you. Pestering an ex with contact attempts is a common breakup mistake that a lot of people make. The simple fact of the matter is - your ex can't miss you until you are gone.

When you suddenly vanish from your ex's life their interest in you will naturally increase. Your ex will start to question their reasons for breaking up with you in the first place and wonder if they really can live without you in their life. As the old song goes - "you don't know what you got till its gone". By not appearing needy and desperate you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to get your ex back into your life.

What Do I Do Now?

Being dumped can come as a major shock, especially if your ex is blanking you and ignoring every attempt that you make to contact them. Learning about the no contact rule and how it works is essential if you want to get your ex to contact you again. Used in the correct manner the no contact rule will be the most powerful arrow in your quiver.

If you want someone back badly enough then you can achieve it if you have determination. Winning your ex back will be a lot easier if you cut trial and error out of the equation and use a system that has worked for people in your position time and time again. Love is worth fighting for, you do not want to regret not trying to get the person you love back into your life.

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