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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Love Or Pride
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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back  -  Love Or Pride

Did you just have a recent break-up? Do you want him back in your life? Do your friends tell you to move on and accept what happened? Or, you're thinking several ways to get your ex boyfriend back? Do you still love him? I know how miserable it is, and I am so sorry. Being hurt or dumped by the one you love is an emotional and painful thing you'll experience in your life.

You will have that feel that you’re miserable because you miss terribly; you’re broken-hearted and distraught. You’re easily distracted and confused about what happened, what went wrong and why your relationship ended. There's this feeling of giving up, letting him go and just accept what happened. But if you really love him, you would hold on to your love, fight for it and get your ex boyfriend back.

OK, if you really love him and you want him back, it's important to THINK thoroughly before you make a hasty decision. Be careful on what you decide to do and ruin your chances to get your ex boyfriend back. It's usually good to listen to your instincts and trust "gut feeling" you have, and maybe you'll be alright. However, when it comes to break-up situations, you have to be cautious to avoid pushing him further away, or you won't get him back.

You have to think not to do what your heart tells you. We usually ask our friends for help or advice especially when we face with situations like this. Some even make calls for radio stations or post to social media sites, to get advice. However, be careful about which advice you'll follow. Remember they are not in the situation themselves and are not well-informed to give you a full-proof advice. In the end, you are the one who will decide the steps to take to get your ex boyfriend back.

Who initiated the break-up? What caused it? After answering these questions, most of the time, you'll be wondering how the situation started. Usually, a case, it starts with something petty or worse, you can't even remember how it all started and how it escalated to a break-up… Only then you will realize, how something trivial would be magnified by you two and that ruins your relationship.

Before going through all these troubles, control your feelings first. Are you enthusiastic to get your ex boyfriend back? Why do you want him back? Is it because of LOVE? Or is it because of PRIDE? You can start with finding out how you really feel about the situation. Are you really hurt because of the idea that you will lose him forever? Are you hurt or you simply regret losing someone you had fond memories with? You have to distinguish the fear of being alone from not being able to continue your life without him.

Try to think ahead. How do you see yourself 10 years from now, 20 years from now? If you can picture your future without him by your side, it's better, let him go and move on. However, if you are hurt just because of the idea 'I cannot be with someone else', then there is no doubt that he worth all the effort you can master to get your ex boyfriend back.

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