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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When The Break Up Is Your Fault
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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When the Break Up is Your Fault

It’s perfectly natural if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, because a relationship is a serious commitment. In a relationship, two people become so close and intimate that life without the other feels impossible to live. And the most terrible feeling is the one, which many of us suffer from, when we break up with our most significant , knowing that it was our own entire fault to begin with.

So, how can you rectify this rather messed up situation and, get your ex boyfriend back? Well, even if you messed up big time in your relationship and created a huge hole between you and your boyfriend, there is still hope and a way to get your ex boyfriend back. But you will need to work hard and you will need to keep your ego and pride out of the way.

Step 1: Contact Him and Apologize!

Your pride might stop you from taking this crucial step, but you must do it. You must understand that if the break up was your fault, then the guy will never contact you (in most cases) and, even if he does, he will want you to do the talking. And talking is what you must do! Apologize of him for all the mess that you created, and refrain from pointing out the wrongs that he owns, for the time being. He might not accept your apology right away with a call; for that reason you should move on to step 2.

Step 2: Make him realize that you have changed!

Of course, if the split way your fault, or your mistakes were major factors in its occurring, then that is a clear sign that you need to change things about yourself. Clearly you and your ex are not in sync, and to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to do this: get in sync with him! How to do that? Simple! All you have to do is identifying your mistakes, which could be your pride, ego, self-centeredness, or anything that led you to fall apart from him, and work on removing these factors from your system.

After you change and amend your personality, you’ll certainly become a more loving and caring person, hence, you need to show this alteration to your ex boyfriend. The best way to do that is join the same activity that he is a part of and start working in the same environment with him. He won’t leave his usual environment just because you start to appear in front of him; in fact he will undoubtedly ignore you. But, that does not mean that he won’t notice you. He will notice your every move even the first day that he’ll see you, and the best thing that you can do, when the time comes, try acting as normal as you can while showing off your newly formed personality. This will help you to get your ex boyfriend back easily.

Step 3: Wait and watch!

After some time, when he realizes that you have changed and become a better person, he will contact you and talk to you about the break up. Don’t bombard him with accusations, but rather keep your ego and pride in shackles and tell him that you have changed and become a better person. After he realizes how much you care about him, you will surely get your ex boyfriend back!

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