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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back – Win Her Back With Confidence!
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How to get your girlfriend back is the one thing on your mind right after a break-up. But having the confidence that you can, and soon will win her back is tough when you’re so lowdown it’s hard to feel confident about anything. It’s natural to feel depressed after a breakup. You may be confused about why it happened, lonely without her, missing her in your life as well as in your bed, and tired of explaining to friends and family (and yourself) what’s going on with you, and why you just can’t be yourself. How to get your girlfriend back might be a question that haunts you.

Worse, as the weeks go by since you split up, it may be affecting your job performance as well as every part of your life and your overall happiness. How can you get your self back and also, possibly, get back together with your ex girlfriend? Though it may be the last thing you feeling like doing, you must stand tall and project strength and confidence. Here’s why:

Human nature - We are all attracted to strong, confident people which is why good things come to people who appear to ‘have it all together.’ Among those good things: getting the sale, signing the contract, being offered the promotion, AND getting the girl, or getting your girlfriend back.

Fake it till you make it Even if you don’t feel either strong or confident, putting a pleasant look on your face will help you feel better. Try it for a few days – not easy, but you will notice the difference, and so will the world. And you can bet that your ex girlfriend will hear about it.

Get busy putting more positives in your life to get your girlfriend back. While you might be tempted to hang out in your man-cave and lick your wounds, this just leads to more self-pity and depression, not a pretty sight. If it’s been a while since she walked out the door, say a few weeks or more, and you’re still wallowing, time to get a grip and get out there.

Start running again or go to the gym. Join a group or club that gets you out and doing something physical – rowing, skeet shooting, playing golf, rock climbing, whatever grabs you. Go learn something new you’ve always wanted to try. You’ll get away from those depressing re-runs on TV or gloomy all-nighter video gaming. You’ll meet some new people (including hot women) and you’ll have something more interesting to talk about (imagine how relieved your friends will be).

Get some polish if you want to get your girlfriend back – or even if you don’t. Now’s the time to spiff yourself up. Do you need to lose a few pounds around the middle? Get back to the gym, ditch the junk food and start eating better, buy a bicycle. Adopt a rescue society dog and get out and walk or jog together – it’s impossible to be down when you’re out with a happy dog and women will talk to a man with a dog, when they wouldn’t if you’re out alone. Even if you aren’t available right now, it’s always a confidence booster when women want to talk to you, isn’t it? Exercise is great for lifting the spirits and building your self- esteem! More confidence boosters: get a haircut, maybe in a totally different style for you. Have a massage. Buy some new clothes and shoes. You can bet that the New, more handsome You is going to get noticed. And for sure your ex is going to hear about this, too. Mutual friends love relaying this kind of news, just to see the reaction.

Getting out, meeting new people, eating better, looking better, getting some exercise – they all work to build your confidence, and that attracts good things as well as good people. Your ex girlfriend is going to be curious, if a month or so has passed since you talked – but now she has heard some pretty interesting stuff about you. She’s going to call; want to get together, just to check out this New You. Meet for coffee, or lunch – not a date. Keep it short and upbeat – you’re feeling happy and confident and no, you’re not dying to get your girlfriend back. Play it cool while you decide – is she who you really want?

How do you get a girlfriend back – put some effort into yourself. Build yourself up while you’re single and you could win her back with confidence and build the foundation of a better future for both of you!

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