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How To Know How My Ex Boyfriend Feels About Me - His Perspective
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How To Know How My Ex Boyfriend Feels About Me  -  His Perspective

Are you constantly trying to search for clues that your ex boyfriend still loves you, but instead are hitting your head up against a brick wall? If this is your situation right now it is crucial that you don't panic. With a little help and advice you will soon be able to understand exactly what he thinks about you now and what your chances are of getting him back again are. Essentially, it is all about understanding the male psyche and why they behave in the way that they do. He will be giving you off specific signals after the break up, it is up to you to identify what these mean and how to use this information to plan getting him back.

It really isn't as complicated as you might think, you just have to be more intuitive and learn to read between the lines. It actually gets quite addictive when you learn to do it properly and you can actually see what he is really thinking. The truth is that girls will stand a much better chance of getting their guys back if they know this stuff. This is because they have the upper hand and can plan their next moves according to his behaviour. It is so much better than going into things blindly and making a whole pile of mistakes.

Your Ex Boyfriend Always Calls To Check Up On You

You should be able to go with your intuition here. What is the purpose of his call? If he is only ringing up to be friendly out of guilt that is one thing, but when he is constantly calling you and asking what you are up to, that is an entirely different matter. When he starts to ask you about your daily life then this is a sure sign that all he is interested in is keeping you away from another guy. His curiosity will get the better of him and this will mean that he starts to keep tabs on you, as if you are still his.

You can use this to your advantage to speed up the reconciliation process. Jealousy is a pretty effective way to get your ex boyfriend to take notice and quickly. Don't be too obvious about it though or it will become clear to him what you are up to. You don't want him to mistrust you or think that you are pathetic and playing games here. You can allude to the fact that you are busy, casually drop in the names of some people that he doesn't know and leave it at that. His mind will be racing about all the possibilities. This is a pretty effective technique and you don't even have to lie.

Watch out for his tone of voice too on the phone. Is he accusing or aggressive? This could well mean that he feels possessive of you and still sees you as his girl. Does he sound a little down in the dumps or nervous? These are also clues that he is confused and just wants to hear your voice.

He wants to know that he made the right decision to break up with you, the fact that he is calling to reassure himself is a very good sign. You must take control when he does call you however, you don't want to be giving him the affirmation that he wanted, instead you have to make him realise that he made a stupid mistake in breaking up with you. This can be done rather powerfully if you do things right.

He Is Very Quick To Let You Know That He Is Still Single

When your ex boyfriend is interested in getting back together with you, he will want to know what your circumstances are. He will be trying to find out if you are dating another guy or if you have moved on emotionally from him. You should therefore watch what he says and what he asks you. He will want to know what is really going on from your own mouth, but he will do so in a roundabout way. The last thing that he wants is to appear obvious and ask you outright if you are seeing anyone. This would bruise his ego way too much, so he does it a cleverer way.

When he is constantly trying to allude to the fact that he is single or that he is not interested in starting a new relationship, he will be trying to see how you react. He will also want you to divulge what your stance is on the whole dating thing like he did. This way he can do it a lot more casually and not look like a dork in the process. If he is planning on asking you out again he will want to know if you are available first. Therefore, when he tells you that he is still available, he wants you to know it. This is no accident.

The reason that he does this is because he wants you to remain available too, not to go off and start looking around. This will give him time to figure out what to do next when he knows that you are not back on the horse. So you can take this as one of the signs that he wants you back. He may even want you to make the first move, but you are not going to do that, you are going to wait for him to make the effort. He may not be entirely ready to confess his love for you yet, but by being open about his romantic situation, he is laying the foundation for when he does pluck up the courage.

Now you probably don't want to be waiting around forever for him to make up his mind. Chances are that you want him back now. There are a few things that you can do to speed this process up. You must be vague about your dating situation when he starts talking about his own. Do not give too much away and this will naturally intrigue him. His mind will start going into overdrive about all the men that you could be dating.

Another powerful strategy to use is that you should not be too available when he calls you. Don't answer immediately or reply back to texts for a while at least. This will make him think that you have better things to do than sit around waiting for him. When you do this he will be forced into action because he will realise that he is in danger of losing you. Do these things and you will get your ex boyfriend back even quicker.

Your Next Steps

Now that you know how to read some of the signs that he still likes you, your next move is to understand all about the no contact rule and why it is so important if you want to win him back. There are many key techniques to learn here so this is crucial. When you do it correctly you will make him attracted to you again and intrigue him.

Another thing that will drastically improve your chances of getting him back is to do it through Facebook. There are several powerful Facebook tricks that you can use to your advantage that will make him regret the break up and start to chase you again. Many women have used these strategies with successful results and you can too.

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