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How To Make My Ex Miss Me After A Break Up
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How To Make My Ex Miss Me After A Break Up

How did things go so wrong in your romance? Maybe you thought that you simply hit a bump in the road and that things would work themselves out over time. You clung to the memory of your early relationship history like a security blanket just praying for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Instead of sharing your dedication and commitment to bring things back to good, your ex decided to call the whole thing off. You're heartbroken and shattered and you can't seem to focus on anything but reclaiming your relationship - no matter what that takes. It's not going to be easy to get your ex back, but it is possible. At least it's possible if you make a worthwhile effort. While you can't turn back the clock, you can propel it forward and reclaim your relationship in a way that's better than it used to be.

Nothing Will Change Until The Way They See You Changes

It goes without saying that you cannot control the way your ex thinks or feels. Trying to control their side of things often leads to inevitable failure, and this can send your emotions into an even more out-of-control tailspin. Most people who have been dumped are so obsessed with their own needs following a breakup that they rarely consider the needs of their ex. Not only is this treading on dangerous ground, it's often hard to overcome.

Your initial course of action is actually best served in two separate parts. Not only do you need to establish a comfortable distance between you and your ex that involves limited or no contact (at least temporarily), you have to have an extra ace up your sleeve. When your ex seems to hold all the cards, it's good to know that you have a backup plan in place - just in case things start to turn around in your favor.

Missing the You that Used to Be

Did you used to be good in crowds? Did you enjoy being the life of the party? Did all of your friends comment on your charisma and your ability to tell funny jokes or stories? Chances are high that all of those qualities helped capture your ex's attention when you first started dating. You don't want to just make your ex miss the person that they broke up with. You want them to miss the person that they fell in love with in the first place.

Now doesn't seem like the best time to try to win over any hearts. Going through a breakup puts an emotional and physical toll on you that is often hard to overcome. If it seems like putting on a brave face and reclaiming the person that you used to be is next to impossible, think of what you hope to accomplish. Your ego is battered and bruised. You've taken a huge emotional hit and your self-confidence is probably at an all-time low.

Truthfully, it's your responsibility now to take some action on your own behalf. Not only do you want to win back your ex, you owe it to yourself as well - and that's the more important part of the process to consider. Take control over your own self-image and start to be proud of the person you are again. Not only the person you are, but the person that you're becoming as well.

Make the Future Better than the Best of the Past

It's not too late to turn things around and make a positive step forward for your future. You hold the reigns here - what you do and how you do it is completely up to you. You can take the initiative to make a positive change and take control of your own destiny. Nothing is impossible. If you can dream it, you can do it as long as you're as dedicated to yourself as you are to the idea of getting your ex back for good.

Everything is give and take at this part of the process. You have to know when to be strong and when to back down. You have to give a little ground to gain some. You have to know what should be said and what should be kept to yourself. If it all starts to seem overwhelming, don't worry. It's a process that comes over time - not a situation that can be changed overnight just by wishing it into reality.

Having a plan now is going to be the key to your overall success. Too much hangs in the balance to just wait for things to change. You have to put them into motion and make the change happen. By being well-informed and knowing ahead of time what you have to do to accomplish your goals, you can have your ex back in a way that surpasses even the best of times in your shared past - and you can have them back to stay.

What To Do Next

Learning how to manage contact with your ex will be essential in the days and weeks to come. Too many people end up jumping the gun when it comes to contacting an ex. Ideally you want your ex to contact you.

Another thing that is very important is knowing how to read the signs that your ex still likes you. This is not as straightforward as you may think because many (if not most) of the signs will be very subtle.

Winning your ex back is a step by step process, it takes time, patience, and knowledge. Nothing worth having is easy to get.

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