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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back - This Will Work
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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back   -   This Will Work

If you want that special someone back, then the only way to do so is to make him want you back. Simple? Not entirely, but the key is understanding how his mind works and his thoughts about you after the split.

For large periods of time you may think you are getting nowhere and are simply fighting a lost cause but this is not always the case. Unfortunately, despite acting with the best intentions, the way you behave with regards to him could be making the void between you both bigger than ever. This should not be a cause for concern however, because you will read this situation better with more experience and these helpful tips. In essence, we are not taught how to get and keep men, think of it as a sport or an art form rather than an academic subject.

Some women are naturally gifted in this area, as you may be in something else. It comes naturally to them; they can read male reactions and keep long-term relationships with relative ease. This article is all about giving you the tools to help you prepare the groundwork for your ex wanting you back.

Stay Away From Him!

Counterproductive? No, as much as this may seem to be the case it is actually tried and tested! The best phrase to throw in here would be something along the lines of the old classic, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” It is true to say that the lack of something increases the desire for it and likewise, the reverse is that the more you have of it, the less you will typically crave.

Commonly, this will not always be possible as there is a large chance you have the same group of friends and/or work/study in the same place and this tactic may therefore have to be disregarded. Assuming you are propelled into contact with him against the advice above, go down the route of not looking towards him or beginning a conversation with him. Male pride will dictate that he hopes you show signs that you are struggling with the break-up and cannot get over the loss of him in your life. There is no benefit to you by boosting this pride through being overly concerned with him.

This tactic will shock him and not be something he had mentally prepared for when he envisaged what would happen when you came into contact. He will begin to second-guess himself and what he means to you as you seem to care little about the new situation with him. The clever part of this plan is that he no longer takes your thoughts and feelings for granted and begins to get his brain whirring into gear about the subject you want him to concentrate his energy on, YOU!

The flip side of this tactic is ensuring that you are not cheeky or rude to him as this actually could be counterproductive. If he opens conversation with you, be polite and answer but avoid asking questions or trying openly to keep the conversation going as this will be taken as a sign of interest. Also remember not to react if he says or does something intended on provoking a reaction. An example of this may be talking about another girl as this is almost always a bluff technique to try and gauge how you feel about him. It is crucial to make an excuse to get away after a short period but not to stop him from wanting to initiate contact again in the future.

Albert Einstein can be quoted as saying, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.” This is an art form you should tap into as he clearly fell for certain characteristics that you have that differ to all the other sheep out there. When you start to take an interest in a new activity he will notice this change and it will allow you something else to focus on.

Keeping busy and keeping what you are doing off Facebook will increase the mystery around you and the curiosity he will feel deep within. If you constantly check-in to various locations or post what you are doing on a regular basis, he will feel no need to contact you and will miss you less due to this virtual relationship. If you disappear off the map he will soon come looking for you and you will get him back much easier.

What next?

Well these are only two starting points but there are a number of other paths you can now choose to follow. It will be advantageous to read the clues he still likes you. You will need to know where you stand as there is no point adopting all these tactics if he genuinely has moved on. The main thing to understand is that patience is a virtue and these things can take time to sort out but it is best to listen to your gut feelings and follow your heart.

Another good place to start is to understand why men leave women in the first place. This will be very enlightening for you and be a real eye opener. Men want different things than women in relationships, so you should not be making these mistakes.

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